Sunday, 14 February 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week SS 2010

Fashion journalist and creator of the fabulous PRISM glasses (she is wearing the Rio in cream tortoiseshell in the photo, I think), Anna Laub. You can check out Anna's blog here and find out more about her cool glasses here.

Mmmmm given that I do actually wear "proper" glasses (i.e. I need them to see anything further than a metre away!), a pair of these would be an investment buy (as opposed to a "I just want them now" buy), no?


  1. She looks fab, that caftan is marvellous and her line of glasses is to die for...they were already in my wish list! You should definitely make the investment Vanessa!!

  2. Hey Miss AliceP-I know! I loved them when I saw Anna in them on Garance's blog last year.....Mmmmm I am seriously thinking about it! Cost per wear would be negliable, no?!

  3. J'aime !!!!

    Bisous de Celine&Charlotte


  4. May I please-oh-please don that fabulousness of a caftan/dress that she is wearing?!

  5. BB- you will have to beat me off first!
    Initials CC- Merci beacoup for your lovely comments :))))

  6. those glasses are stunning! and her blue toes are fun.