Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Whole Lot of Busy

Most Excellent Blog Readers, please forgive my extreme tardiness in updating this here blog (is there anything worse than a blog that doesn't get updated regularly? Well, yes, but for blog stalkers like myself it can be frightfully annoying!)

I have been super busy finalising Blurb photo books for my clients as Christmas gifts....Oh, and battling a hideous allergic reaction to my eyes that had me looking like Pinky Ponk from In The Night Garden!

The good news is that my eyes are now back to normal (phew), the books are looking great and on their way to the printers, and will be ready for Santa and his Elves to deliver on Christmas Eve. Let's just hope that he doesn't get stuck down the chimney with them from eating too many fruit mince pies (oh, ummm, actually that would be ME who has eaten too many fruit mince pies!)

Must share the delightful time I had yesterday when Eleanor (she of beetle hunting fame!) and her mum, Jane, came over to proof her photo books. Miss Eleanor had just been to see Father Christmas (I naughtily keep referring to him as Santa) and she kept patting her teeny toddler tummy and going "Ho Ho Ho!!" LOVE IT! We had lots of fun playing with WWW, Tilly and a few other "toys" I have picked up on my travels. Miss Eleanor has to keep "secret squirrel" about the photos until Christmas as the books are a surprise for her Dad and grandparents. So far the secret is safe!
Anyway darlinks, it is almost dark outside and I need to do a caffeine run before I hit the digital studio once more. Ah, a photographer's work is never done :)

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