Sunday, 1 February 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

As I am typing this post, it is snowing outside :)

This makes a happy Messy particularly as I can snuggle up in my WARM apartment. Yes, blog fans, the Messy household is once again WITH HEAT. The wonderful (and photogenic- he was one of my early "100 Strangers" subjects) Clayton from CWL Services (gas and heating specialists) came late last night and fixed our recalcitrant boiler. 30 mins, a bit of tinkering, and Clayton had the boiler running like new. Clayton is my new favourite person (he even asked how my photography was going and we like that :))

After my first hot shower in 5 days, today I was ready to up camera and bang off a few rounds. Mr Messy and I headed to Soho to one of our favourite coffee shops, Fernandez&Wells. While we were sipping our latte's the first snow started to fall- it was wonderful being tucked up in the coffee shop while tiny flakes of snow swirled and whirled outside the window. A toasted comté cheese and tomato croissant and creamy latte helped to starve off the 11am hunger pangs.


  1. Is that what mr messy looks like?

  2. Ha Ha! No! This is just a stranger who I accosted for a photo while we were sitting there!

  3. this is one of my favorite entries of yours! beautiful, genuine, and magical! simply little things in daily lives are just so major. i have officially fallen in with love with yr blog!

  4. Thank you We Could Grow Up together :):) I still remember those first few smooshings of snow that fell that afternoon: then BAM! Down came the biggest snow fall I have ever seen- magic!