Thursday, 13 August 2009

London Street Style..."Romance was Born"

Okay, so I am schlepping around with the Nikon on Tuesday, thinking about heading home, when suddenly I spotted THE SHARK PANTS. If you read The Sartorialist (and of course you do!) then you will know about THE SHARK PANTS. The Sart photographed them when he was in Australia earlier this year for RAFW, and I remember thinking at the time how brilliantly quirky they were and how well they would sell in London.

So, as you can imagine, I lobbed across the road faster than you can say "Flash as a Shark with a Gold Tooth", and said "Hey, I saw some pants like that on The Sartorialist earlier this year, I love them, where did you get them?"

And he goes "That was ME!!! I just flew in from Australia at 6am this morning!!!"

What a spin-out! I guess I shouldn't be at all surprised given the people I keep bumping into (you might recall my post from last week) but, damn, it really was kinda weird! It is a small world after all :)

Anyway, Sydney-sider Jason is mates with Aussies Anna and Luke, the designers behind the Romance was Born label, and he bought with him a few more of their fabulous pieces so you might see him pop up again on the blog. Anna and Luke got glowing reviews in the press for their SS 2009 collection, and the model Myf Shepherd wore pieces from their "doilies and pearls, oysters and shells" collection on the July cover of Australian Vogue. I don't think the label is available in the UK/Europe at the moment but a little birdy tells me that Luke was over here recently meeting with buyers..... so watch this space :)


  1. Those are so awesome, love.

  2. Oh my god. Is he actually wearing the exact same outfit, as on "The Sartorialist"?