Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....London Fashion Week SS 2010

Assistant to The Sartorialist, Tracy Rosenbaum, in Burberry trench and all manner of other Gorgeous Things. Adore her turquoise necklace (think she said it was from J.Crew) and her fab wedges in the bottom photo- note the inscription on the side? "Seance On A Wet Afternoon"! Indeed.
p.s. If you are utterly bored, procrastinating and in need of a little diversion and/or just plain curious, you might like to read the wee interview I just gave on Refinery 29. You can check it out here.


  1. I have that breton top .. another uniform of mine :) Once again lovely photosx

  2. i love that turquoise necklace. one of the best "preppy cool" looks I've seen in a while.

  3. Her necklace and tee against the khaki looks fantastic!

  4. I think I just died and went to fashion heaven with this girl's chic (and most covetable) wardrobe that my little eyes just saw!

    I can only imagine what her closet must look like ...


  5. Amazing pictures, amazing blog, so so amazing.

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I know Tracy has had a peek at this post so I am sure she will be happy that you all like what she is wearing!
    Wildernesschic- you and I have similar tastes! I love a stripey tee but I would never have thought of teaming it with such a bold necklace- it just works so brilliantly!
    Carla- I love it as well- and I love that it is from somewhere affordable, as well :)))
    Pearl Westwood- Glad you like, Pearl! Thanks so much for commenting.
    BB- I KNOW!! I am hearing you: I bet it is a cavernous world of simple, chic pieces with quirky twists (like her wedges, here).
    sarahlure- thank you, so very much :))))

  7. Hello! I discovered your wonderful blog via Refinery29, and I love it already! :) You take gorgeous photos of people with interesting personal style. I particularly find this post great. Love her Breton top.

  8. I adore her necklace!!!!!!!in fact I love everything she is wearing in these pictures :)
    Lovely pictures as usual!!!!!!
    AMAZING BLOG, really :)

  9. Recently discovered your blog and i'm completly hoocked! I love how you snap the pics! I used some of your images in my blog and talked about you! Hope you don't mind ;D

    kiss from Portugal,

  10. I'd already seen her on Garance Doré, and found her absolutely irresistible! i adore eveything about her. she's got a really great style and a unique personality.


  11. She looks amazing!! Luv ur blog sooo much! : )

  12. I remember reading about her on Garance Dore, too. She looks & sounds wonderful. Swap the sneakers for some killer platform sandals, and you've got a catwalk look.

    Who made the seance sandals, btw? Did she customise them?

    I just realised: this must have been right around the time I shot her employer:

    Hope to see her - and you - in a few weeks.

  13. It's so cool that people like Scott S. has assistants now... I love how blogging has become its own little universe, populated by really well dressed people.


  14. I'm SO glad I saw that refinery29 feature because it led me to your awesome blog! Bookmarking it right now!

  15. Hello, you've got a new fan. Am absolutely smitten with your photos

  16. i am so much enjoying your blog - thanks!!!
    And by the way: does anybody know by whom Tracy's bag is? Been looking for one like that with a decent shoulder strap and handles at the same for so long...
    xxx magdalene

  17. yes, the necklace is from Jcrew - I have it in grey and it looks great on! Love her trench too!


  18. Love the necklace, stands out beautifully!

    Love your blog, do feel free to check out mine :)



  19. you have amazing pics here
    i love all the looks

  20. Wow, crikey, thanks so much everyone for all your comments and for reading my blog! So very cool :))))
    Gon: no probs at all!
    polka dot- yes!!! See you at London Fashion Week this Friday! Not sure who made her sandles- I think probably she customised them herself?
    Anon-not sure what brand Tracey's bag is- lets see if we can find out for you. Anyone know????
    Clara and everyone else- thanks so much for the great comments and encouragement- I massively appreciate it :))

  21. this girl knows how to dress!