Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....London Fashion Week A/W 2010

These photos make me happy :)

Ellie Ward in Pepe overalls, vintage Miu Miu trench and vintage booties.

I love what Ellie (who works for is wearing: she looks so fresh and pretty and natural....everything just suits her so well, especially her sweet little hat. One of lovely people I met at LFW, Ava, who completely adores hats, spotted Ellie and declared that this style of hat is next on her shopping list!

p.s. I have a detailed update on what Peony was wearing (from last Fridays post), so if you were keen to know where she got everything check in about 10 mins on her post (below).

p.p.s. Big thank you to Vitaminwater who were kind enough to supply me with tickets for a few of the shows at LFW, and a lovely goodie bag which I received on Monday. It was stuffed full of excellent goodies including Jelly Belly sweeties, a copy of Wonderland magazine, some gorgeous handcrafted biscuits, Vitaminwater (of course!), and a fab scribble pad which I have already doodled in!


  1. Ah, what a cute hat :)

  2. She is so adorable, great captures.

  3. Individuality at its best.

  4. wow this is a pretty fresh approach to dungs! really works for me

  5. That's funny, I did a post on Ellie, too!

    didn't realise you had found her, too (how did your shots of the 'flower girl' outside Unique come out btw?)

    If you or anyone else wants a hat like that, there is a great British woman,Carry Somers, who is getting all kinds of ethical awards (& has met the Queen) for her panama hat company:

  6. p.s. can't find an email address for you but mine is if you'd like, get in touch & if we can coordinate our time would love to meet for a coffee sometime.

  7. That hat is gorgeous! I found a very similar one for 50p in a charity shop this weekend but alas it didn't fit on my big head...



  8. Glad you all like Ellie's hat! It kind of reminded me of Anne of Green Gables- one of my favourite childhood stories :))
    Clare- OMG! When I read your comment, I had this vision of you in the charity shop trying to jam the hat on your head muttering "fit, fit,FIT damn it!" I am still smiling now just imagining it :)

    Polka Dot- hey Ms Polka Dot- my email address is (it is hidden away on the side of my blog page). I am off to Paris early tomorrow morning but will email you when I get back for a catch up!

    Mat- dungs! Love it! Although it did rather conjure up an unsavoury image of me at Day Camp way back when I was a little tacker, trying to construct a gunyah (Aboriginal shelter) in the middle of a paddock filled with cow dung. Too much information, I know!

  9. Well...I've a few things to say this time (not just "oh wow" :-P). In my opinion overalls and trench coats are not that easy to wear properly..and that hat too! and those shoes!!! But this girl...OH WOW!! (yes, again)
    How did she manage to be so perfect???

  10. It's a fantastic outfit and i adore your hat!

    xoxo Birgitte

  11. I like that she looks sweet...not pretentious!

  12. she is adorable. my eyes hurts from the beauty of this girl. congratulations again Vanessa!
    i love your personal "filter".