Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bunny Girl

Okay so I am a couple of days late with these but better late than never I guess!

So how was everyone's Easter break? And, um, just how many Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies/bilbies did everyone manage to consume?! I was super restrained this year and didn't even eat one Easter egg (mostly because once I start I can't stop-I have complete lack of self control when it comes to chocolate). Although, um, I did have a tiny piece of Willie's Delectable cacao (the Venezuelan 72% in case you were wondering) and snaffled a couple of the mini macaroons that my husband whipped up using the Pierre Hermé recipe (warning: do not attempt to make a batch of these for the first time if you are a perfectionist or feeling a bit fragile in any way.....alternatively keep a large gin and tonic handy- for the chef and the other household members! ;).

Anyway, this is the gorgeous Peony in her super cute heart-sprinkled Topshop bunny ears (so much nicer than the traditional furry pink and white ones which usually have a hideously tight headache-inducing headband anyway). I got an email from Peony on Sunday saying that she had donned her bunny ears for the traditional Easter egg hunt with her family!


  1. Superbes ces photos !


  2. Thanks @Vicorou and @Emmy!!! Hope you both had a lovely Easter :))

  3. Georgeous, Love the Bunny Look:)

    Factory Girl

  4. I love Peony's hair!!

  5. ZOMG Vanessa - best bunny ears ever! I can't believe they're Topshop!
    Also - I didn't know you could get chocolate bilbies where you are? Unless you snuck back down here and didn't tell me...Sneaky sneaky!

    And I envy you muchly for getting macaroons...although I did get a nice, big seafood dinner so I can't really complain...much...


  6. Oh my gosh I would kill to have my hair look this good

  7. Nice pictures. Nice too that you have moved on from running with the fash pack.

  8. you look so lovely!