Sunday, 11 April 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....London Fashion Week A/W 2010

The cape.
outside Matthew Williamson


  1. @stylespotterfashionblogger- I think they are Topshop???! But I could be very wrong :)

  2. Vanessa I want to thank you for all the stunning model streetstyle pics this season, especially this one as I am a huge supporter of the lovely Ieva Laguna who is pictured here. You are indeed correct about the shoes being Topshop and the cape is Derek Lam. Thank you for this and keep up the good work! :)

  3. just few words! PURE BEAUTY!! ;)

  4. Capes! Have you seen the new Lover collection?
    They have some divine cape coats there...

    You need to come visit. Otherwise I feel like I'm your little sad link to the Antipodean world. Actually very sad...and that's probably giving far too much credit.


  5. She looks very adorable. I like her close up look on first photo. Very gorgeous.

  6. Sooo beautiful! Sooo gorgeous! The close up is stunning! She's true beauty and as you say - fellow Latvian ;) Love the whole look but especially the cape.

  7. @fadedcolours- oooo thank you for discovering her name! I am absolutely hopeless with names (I need to write them down or otherwise I almost always forget- and at fashion weeks sometimes I don't get time to ask people's names)so it is excellent you recognised her. AND now we know it is a Derek Lam cape and confirmed Topshop shoes! We are on a roll :))

    @The Photodiarist, @Some Style and @Ginta, @gih- its a gorgeous cape isn't it?! And thanks to @fadedcolours we know it is Derek Lam....I wonder if she got it after one of his shows?

    @KohCo- I will be there in just over 2 weeks!!!! I am SO excited :)))) Ack LOVER- LOVE LOVE LOVE. I adore there little shorty shorts and that gorgeous pair of overalls and the Solstice dress (sigh, sigh SIGH)! I have not seen the capes though- I must hunt them down! I love that you are my girl on the ground in Aussieland, Bec!

    @Ginta-I didn't know you were Latvian, Ginta?!

  8. am obsessed with capes currently. and this one is especially pretty (and her shoes are gorgeous, too).