Thursday, 1 July 2010

Paris Men's Fashion Week SS 2011...Girls Under The Influence

Girls Under the Influence of Boys.

One of my absolute favourite looks is women wearing menswear inspired pieces (or indeed actual clothes borrowed from their man). So I was especially excited at the Kenzo men's show to see girls on the runway (Valerija Kelava, Caroline de Maigret, Hannelore Knuts, Joana Preiss and Jenny Shimizu) wearing pieces Kenzo's creative director, Antonio Marras, had created for the boys.

After the show, Caroline de Maigret, model and record producer (her label is Bonus Track Records), above and below.


  1. Oh yes love it androgyne !
    Great blog thx to give me your card
    'ECH from pAris
    La Bise

  2. it looks great, but i think i'd like it more if they both would wear skinny jeans or more girlie shoes. the ''whole look'' is too much for me.
    xxx isabel

  3. Absolutely love these shots...they're all so classically elegant.

  4. Love this look!

  5. I love the simplicity of both looks. Just put together a t-shirt, jacket, pants and shoes. No belt, no stylised hair, no fancy accessories. Perfect!

  6. I love the way Caroline de Maigret's jeans fit - and her cool attitude pulling it off of course.

  7. love love love comme de garcon style

  8. I don't agree with Isabel, I think the hair compensates the boyishness of the outfit. And I love those sneakers in the 2nd pic.

  9. wow !
    love this look!! stunning
    Vanessa? Will you be in the Fashion Days in Paris this week end???

  10. @Stephanie- Oh no! What is the Fashion Days in PAris???? I did not even know about it. But no, I am home here in London this weekend although I will be back to Paris on Monday and Tuesday, then back to London, and off to Berlin on Wed morning! Phew, I am exhausted just typing it.

    @Isabel- I kind of agree with Kim, I love the androgyny of both looks (but then I love the Lauren Hutton, Katharine Hepburn look). I think they keep it feminine by having longer hair. But I can see that it wouldn't work on everyone.