Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Fashion Student.....Anne-Catherine

On the way back to London on the Eurostar following my afternoon with Anne-Catherine, I was mentally compiling my shopping wish-list:

  • Hermes Cape Cod watch

  • Pantone Chair (with covetable shoes artfully arranged on top)

  • Leopard print shirt

  • Miu Miu croc-print wallet (in beige) and key fob

  • Gareth Pugh Scythe ring

  • Mr Molly cat*

  • Chic but Edgy cropped hair**

Oh, and could I please live in Paris as well?!

I met Luxembourger Anne-Catherine, a 1st year fashion design student at ESMOD in Paris, back in March at fashion week. She had that gamine/Audrey Hepburn/Mia Farrow/Audrey Tautou look going on....not to mention the fact that she bears a remarkable resemblance to Natalie Portman (does anyone else think that?). We kept in touch (Anne-Catherine writes the funniest emails that make me giggle out loud) and when I went to Paris for men's fashion week we took the opportunity to meet up and do a little shoot together.

Despite the heat, time constraints (I was worried about missing my train), and running up and down stairs doing outfit changes, we had a fantastic time. Anne-Catherine is one of those girls who you just know you would have played well with in the sandpit at kindergarten.....although probably she would have been the one with the cooler play-clothes and haircut ;)

On the Velib bikes (has anyone tried the Barclay's ones in London yet?), Anne-Catherine was wearing leopard print shirt from H&M, shorts from Ralph Lauren and gold Vivienne Westwood Anglomania wing platforms (which she de-winged for the photographs).

At the bookstore: vintage blouse and belt, Topshop skirt and Zara limited-edition wedge peep-toes:

Anne-Catherine's t-shirt and skirt are from The Kooples (who are apparently opening a London store really, really soon-I thought it was later this month, or maybe early next month), ring from Gareth Pugh, and her booties were a gift from her best-friend's mother who no longer wanted them. Sweet!

Lace bra from American Apparel, gilet from COS, vintage skirt, and Zara limited edition wedges. The belt is actually her mum's very first belt (she purchased it in Vienna) which she has now passed down to Anne-Catherine:

In Anne-Catherine's apartment: tank top from Zara, customised jeans from Cheap Monday, necklace from Corpus Christi Paris, Hermes watch (a present from her parents) and La Roux (one of her favourite singers) cameo ring.

You guys know the drill by now.....you can click on the collage to make it bigger.

The two little critters in the photograph 2nd from right (bottom) are called Smithers (on left- after the Simpsons character) and musungue. Have to love a girl who isn't afraid of having her childhood toys photographed :) And I will perhaps admit that any time I travel, I take along my stuffed toys (those who used to follow me on flickr will have spied them in photos). God forbid the day I have to open my suitcase for inspection at the airport- acute embarrassment sure to follow! Some people take Diptyque or Tocca candles travelling with them....I take WWW, Tilly and Snickety!

Mr Molly disguised as a sushi roll! Apparently he had a haircut, and was a bit cold so Anne-Catherine wrapped him in this little blanket (below):

*Molly actually lives in Luxembourg with Anne-Catherine's parents so he wasn't actually at our little shoot (much to my disappointment!). So Anne-Catherine sent me this cute photo instead.

**Okay, so this is NEVER going to happen after my one disastrous short hair moment (complete with perm!) but I adore Anne-Catherine's bowl/undercut hair.


  1. She is so gorgeous and she also has impeccable style! Love all the photos above

    xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  2. She is so lovely. Anne-Catherine reminds me a bit of Trish Goff, especially the first photo.

  3. I'd also add Penelope Cruz to the list :)
    All outfits look so cute and fresh. And I love, love, love her eyebrows!

  4. Great shoot! Love the outfits especially the black+grey mini dress. She does kinda look like Natalie Portman in some of the shots.

  5. Wow she is so lovely!! I love the outfit she has with the high waisted skirt and Zara shoes and I also love the booties that were given to her.

    Amazing pics!


  6. Love the first outfit and how she used one loud pattern on another...she pulls it off so well. Also love the black lace and full nude skirt ensemble. Beautiful.

    Love Alexandra


  7. She's gorgeous! I can totally see Nat Port, but also feel like she resembles Penelope Cruz to an extent... her smile or something? Lovely outfits, lovely photographs. I love her hair!

  8. @everyone- So, so happy you like these photos of Anne-Catherine :)) She is super nice, and I know she will read your comments.

    @Ginta, @Amanda B- Crikey, I didn't even think of Penelope Cruz!!! But yes, she does have a resemblance to her :)

    And @Elacha- I can definitely see the Trish Goff resemblance- and last time I saw her, she had a hair cut rather like Anne-Catherine's.

  9. she's very beautiful...absolutely love the first outfit...
    leopard+square=glam...you have a great blog
    follow you follow me too ...

  10. She is so beautiful and funky! I wish I had the balls to pull of hair like that. I don't see so much Natalie Portman, but see a lot of Penelope Cruz with a lip reduction.......

    Must now get a leopard print blouse. And re-decorate my room.


  11. @Hayley- oh man, I am definitely out-voted in the Natalie Portman stakes!!! Hee hee! Still, I would be chuffed if I was compared to Penelope Cruz (which ain't ever going to happen :)).
    You should go to H&M- one of the girls I photographed in Berlin just emailed me and said that she just bought the exact same shirt from H&M today, so they still must have stock.

    Anne-Catherine's apartment is quite small but she has got lots of little interesting pieces packed in to the space. She collects invites from fashion shows (she has a gorgeous, gorgeous one from John Galliano) and has lots of lovely, interesting pieces that she has collected over the years. Not expensive just special :)

  12. This your best post ever. I love it. Xxxx

  13. @Fashionistable-thank you! That is so lovely to hear :)))) The credit goes to Anne-Catherine though who styled herself and manages to look beautiful in everything! It makes such a difference having some time to spend with somebody and getting to be a bit more creative

    @TheStreetFashion5XPRO- She is gorgeous! And me too, I love the first outfit (wonder if that is why I put those photos first!)- I love the clash between the two fabrics/patterns as @Alexandra said

  14. LOVE the second and fourth outfits! But they are all so inventive and stylish!

    Stacey Kay
    "Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

  15. Amazing style, amazing cat!

  16. what a gorgeous girl and such a gutsy haircut! i love her collection of patterned clothes and fabulous wedges.


  17. I LOVE her style! I don't think I could ever pull off that hair cut, but she definitely can!

    xoxo lonerandrebel.wordpress.com

  18. Oh, I just love the leopard print with the the shorts. What a great combo. She is very beautiful and I love how you have photographed her. Thanks for sharing.


  19. loving the first outfit, i'm really into leopard + stripes right now..


    and i think that might be the most amazing picture of a cat EVER


  20. This girl is a true inspiration. And she -indeed- looks like Portman! And a bit form Penelope Cruz.. She is a goddess.

  21. love the blog vanessa!! x

  22. She is precious! And what an amazing sense of style, I believe you have found some of the chicest women in the world!

  23. is there a link to her blog too? always love finding new reads!

  24. this post is just fantastic, i am in love with her too now! thank you thank you x

    ps nikons rule

  25. She is such a breathtaking beauty, I just had to make a post out of these amazing pictures. She look amazing in these shots, you did it again Vanessa. Stunning!

  26. Awesome images. I am a fan of her haircut.It is so clear and straight cutted. It fits totally her type. The outfits get credits as well, especially the combination of the animal printed top and thje glencheck pattern shorts.

  27. She is adorable and the shoot is fantastic. I am in love with her bowl cut and YES she does resemble Natalie Portman!

  28. Think I've just found my NBH (next best hair) and by the sounds I'm not the only one.
    As usual, you've overachieved!

  29. @T and @Alisa- isn't Mr Molly so super cute! Apparently all of Anne-Catherine's pets have been called Molly, male or female! So cute :) If you like a name, stick with it!

    @Rachel Core- Anne-Catherine doesn't actually have a blog! But don't worry, we are already planning our next little shoot together so you will see more of her later in the year.

    @Ladybird, @Zoe (hee hee! Next best hair- love it!), @FashionLifeCoach, @Sparkles, @Alex, @joanaddicted, @Peta, @Stacey Kay, @Alisa,, @nyclu, and @everyone else: thanks so much everyone! I really love doing these shoots, and to have your support and encouragement is awesome!

  30. When I saw your question re: bikes for hire, I remembered that I had just read something... here it is: http://www.parkandcube.com/?p=5625
    The bikes in London are built in Canada - but I think Montreal is the only Canadian city that has the bikes-for-hire program.
    Mayor Boris has been a great supporter - hope you'll follow up with some photos of London bikes & bikers!

  31. She looks like Penelope Cruz I think, until she smiles, then it's Natalie Portman I agree! So beautiful in her own right though as well.

  32. she looks so so so pretty and unique. love your blog

  33. @Isabel- Oooo I didn't know that about the bikes being built in Canada- interesting. I have now spotted quite a few people pedalling furiously along in my area- they seem to have to pedal quite a lot?! I will definitely give them a go once I get a bike helmet but I just don't feel that confident about cycling in london (in my area). If they bring in more bike lanes (like in Amsterdam) I would be more inclined to join up for the year. Fingers crossed that will happen in the future as I think they are a great way of getting around.

    @I want what she's wearing: Yes!!! Definitely gorgeous in her own right!

    @Divorce Lawyers- thank you!

  34. EVERY SHOE IS AMAZING! love these if this is you you are gorrrrrgeous! let me know what you think of my blog

  35. wow shes adorable, very very very pretty!!!! and great style ofcoarse :)


  36. her softness and genuine smile is what draws me to her....
    just lovely.

    The Covetist

  37. wow she's so beautiful! i'm in awe! and yes, she does look like natalie portman!

  38. The high waisted skirt look is just ...(seriously i'm speechless), and thanks for reminding me I need to visit more second hand book stores

  39. She's pretty, but I think looks much better with long hair, seriously. I can imagined her with long locks and totally transform the whole look.

  40. As a student. She is good. I love her fashion style. All those photos are just so fascinating. I love her haircut. This is my first time to see a gorgeous hair in that kind of hair style.

  41. She looks exactly like Natalie Portman!


  42. I love love love this shoot! Anne is amazing

  43. She's the type of gal that only women really adore:)