Monday, 6 September 2010

Stockholm Fashion Week....Klara

Model Klara Wester in jeans she borrowed off her mum.....and black contact lenses! Klara normally has blue eyes and the make-up artist had just put these black ones in for the show. Later on I spied her and she had studs in her plait!


  1. These are REAL boyfriend jeans

  2. She is stunning. I hope you enjoyed stockholm.


  3. great face, she is beautiful!
    it's wearable, cool and casual

  4. that's a fabulous laid-back outfit. love it.

  5. @Charlotteauzou- correct! And borrowed from her mum!

    @Lee Oliveria- I loved Stockholm Lee! I want to go back but probably not till next summer. I went at the beginning of winter last year and it was only light for a very short period of time so not good for a natural-light photographer like me. STill, it was great to be able to visit the museums and sit and have hot chocolate.

    @Catherine- she is really pretty isn't she. Probably even more so without black contact lenses in!

    @Jennifer- I wonder if she gets it dyed or whether it is all natural. Lucky her if it is all natural (Which I suspect it is!)

    @Blindcopy and @TheStreetFashionxPRO- it is one of my favourite looks- very Margaret Howell I think.

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