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Head on over to today to check out more photos and the interview with Alexandra (plus all the wonderful street style and catwalk action from Milan men's!).

Beautiful Alexandra, who despite the early start and not wearing a scrap of make-up, managed to look fresh and pretty and oh sooooooo good in a swimsuit! I mean who does that? Who gets out of bed at an ungodly hour, drives half-way across Sydney to meet a complete stranger and then manages to look so effortless and calm while workin' it for the camera in a bikini?! Aussie model and stylist, Miss Alexandra Spencer, that's who :)

When I was planning my Sydney trip, I knew I wanted to shoot something a bit beachy and summery for my Girl Next Door series on despite, or perhaps because of?, knowing that we would be in the depths of winter when the feature was published. And Alexandra's super cool, relaxed style suited the brief perfectly. Alexandra's agency in Australia, Chic Managment, was kind enough to hook Alexandra and I up, and we met in North Bondi to take these photos. Alexandra brought along a bag full of clothes and we managed to get her changed without attracting too much attention (models are experts at slipping into and out of things before you can say "was that....????"!".

Alexandra's modelling career (she has been modelling for the past 3 years) has taken her all over the world and she currently lives between L.A., Sydney (where her family are based) and London. Her response when I asked if she enjoys modelling? "...... I love every job I do! I'm lucky I've never had a bad shoot. I'll always remember my first shoot for Vogue, I love shooting with Nicole Bentley, I had a great time shooting a campaign in Morocco, I loved the cover my friend Darren and I shot for Soma Magazine. But I really enjoy all of it! Big or small it's a great job to have". I loved hearing that from Alexandra - it makes me happy that she enjoys her job so much and knows how fortunate she is.

Apart from modelling, Alexandra is also the editor of achingly hip blog 4th and Bleeker * where she documents her outfits, travel and inspirations. Her photos are beyond gorgeous (like I die a little each time I look at her blog) taken in the most beautiful locations around the world when she travels. Her blog has opened many doors, one of which was the role of creative director for Australian label, Friend of Mine. Alexandra came onboard last year and together she and the girls behind the Friend of Mine label created a collection which was shown at fashion week in Australia - the first show for the label.

And......and this is my most favourite, delicious morsel of information about Alexandra.....she is learning to play the HARMONICA!!! Holllllla! I cannot but ♥ a gal who is trying to master the mouth organ (my Great Uncle Jim played the harmonica when I was little and I even had one myself for awhile! I think I probably sucked at it...a lot!). Note to Alexandra: you gotta post a video of yourself playing the harmonica on your blog!

Alexandra's outfits for our shoot?

At The Speedo Cafe: Indiana Jones hat by Akubra, blue shirt (YSL Homme), white dress worn underneath (Bassike) and sandals (Zara).
Apricot swimsuit: American Apparel

Black tank: Bassike and bikini bottom (Lover)

Cream lace dress: Friend of Mine and jacket (Kate Moss for Topshop)

Big thanks to the girls at The Speedo Cafe in North Bondi for letting Alexandra and I shoot out front.

*I think she said the blog name came about because of a special moment she shared with her sister (who lives in NYC) on 4th and Bleeker.


  1. Ah, she is crazy beautiful! Thought I recognized her... seriously love 4th and Bleeker.

    Really stunning Vanessa. The first set of shots outside Speedos Cafe are my absolute favorites. xx

  2. Vanessa- these photos are beautiful & of course alexandra looks beautiful, as always. Love your site and hers also!

  3. i also love the pictures, the model is indeed very pretty but the editorial looks also amazing! i love the light colors it has it!

  4. Amazing lovely post:) Beautiful colours and sights!

  5. Beautiful post!!! I'm in love with your blog!!!
    Please take a look to my blog and let me know if you like it!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this! That last shot is phenomenal x
    Moloko + Honey

  7. Lovely pics!!

  8. love the denim casual look!


  9. Beautiful pics! I love that apricot swimsuit!! x

  10. She's beautiful, this spread really makes me yearn for summer.

  11. @Sarah Elizabeth- I know! How cute is the swimsuit- very 80's style. Hope the weather is still brilliant back in Sydney xx

    @DNA- weirdly this was the only really amazing day in the week I was in Sydney- all the rest were quite overcast and cloudy. And then apparently the weather was really rubbish until just before Christmas. But now it is spectacular again!

    @Moloko + Honey- thanks so much. Graffiti isn't normally my thing but it sort of worked okay.....

    @Christina Nunes- thank you! Glad you had a little tour of North Bondi :)

    @Martha and @Style Crusader, @Remington- I know! Her blog is totally amazing. There should be a warning when you click on her blog "Cool Girl Ahead alert, Cool Girl Ahead alert!!" I think she would look amazing in pretty much anything.

    @Liveonbeauty- thank you so much xx

  12. You pictures are ALWAYS amazing Vanessa! What a beauty! What a talent! I love the lights, the colors, the style...etc.
    The atmosphere you offer us through these pictures is full of emotion, I can even feel a story behind.. Thank you

  13. These photographs show an effortless beauty and that shows talent i can only dream of.
    Thank you for sharing them for all to see - I'm sure they will be inspirational to some aspiring photographers out there.
    Gems xx

  14. i want summer ! she is perfect !

  15. Lovely photos! I'm getting excited for summer, can't wait to wear summer outfits.

  16. @Mylene- thanks so much Mylene for your lovely, lovely comments. xxx

    @vogueno5- ha ha! For most of us Summer is a little way off yet :)

  17. Alexandra is so amazing and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  18. I'm i love with photostyling! AMazing photos and outfits!