Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Audrey

Audrey Leighton Rogers, from Frassy blog, Paris, March 2012.

On Monday I talked about the white suit and it all being a bit tricky to wear white + white in everyday life especially if you anything like me and prone to dripping/spilling things or wearing fake tan in the heat :) The way Audrey is wearing her white/off-white blazer is a great way to incorporate a white suit into your wardrobe: wear the entire suit on days when you are feeling particularly brave (the days when you are convinced a pigeon will not poop on your head* or you won't sit in something unidentifiable and icky) and wear separates (which work so well with this season's florals and prints) for all the other days!

Recreate Audrey's look (kind of):

Joseph Sir blazer (off-white), Calvin Klein Collection Jens jacket (white) or ASOS tailored blazer (white)

Add paisley print: Stella McCartney paisley print blouse, MinkPink Prince of Persia cape top, MinkPink Prince of Persia paisley shorts (great with a white blazer for when the summer heat kicks in) or Thakoon paisley printed shorts (my favourite and perfect with a white blazer)

A pair of slouchy trousers: 10 Crosby Derek Lam cinched waist carpenter pants or Alice + Olivia print Arthur pants

*This happened to me when I was lined up for coffee at a stall in Borough Market. Pigeon poop in your hair is never an attractive event.


  1. are you shooting with film?
    I love your photos!

  2. I love this look - especially the fun print shirt. I could see myself rocking this a lot better than an all-white look, definitely :)

  3. I love her shirt with that collar!

  4. cool shirt!

    xx Amy.

  5. She looks great! I love the hair in a topknot! Yes I agree with you on the all white, have to save that for special Bianca Jagger nights!

  6. I love this look, especially the rolled up slouchy pants.

  7. Woah, this is so incredible, love the look!

    Karina Xo

  8. This look is incredible! I love the white blazer paired so easily with everything else

  9. Love these images and this look.

  10. Hola!!
    Precioso look!
    Te sigo desde hoy!!!

  11. Its supposed to be good luck?? and on another - loving this - just finished a winter white sleeveless coat and it is looking way pristieg and i guess i am another pigeon poop lucky kind of girl?? but at least i now have some amazing inspo for wearing it, have a good weekend xx

  12. Love the detachable collar and earth tone colour palette!

  13. @everyone - thanks for your kind comments on Audrey. Much appreciated.

    @fashion and frank - ha ha! Yeah um, I am not so sure. I thought it was only on your wedding day? or maybe that is just rain. In any event, I HATED it. Hideous and gooey! But my coffee survived so I was happy about that. Oooo I am loving the sound of your winter white sleeveless coat!

    @Wild Flower - you are so on it! Bianca Jagger - yeesssss! The most famous white suit! Thanks for reminding me. And yup, Bianca Jagger nights on the dancefloor (who cares what it looks like the next day as long as you have an awesome night!)

    @Mica - a lot easier to pull off, for sure! Not to mention saving on dry cleaning.

    @Mary - a lot of the time, yep!

    1. Love your photos, and film it's always special!
      Love from Portugal

  14. @Mary - correct. I just wish it wasn't so expensive :(