Friday, 11 May 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Caroline

Tank magazine's Caroline Issa, Tuileries, Paris, March 2012.

I absolutely love this look on Caroline - that lace covered trench? Simply beautiful.

Recreate the Look (kind of):

The Investment Piece - an embellished classic trench: Valentino embroidered trench, Erdem Kaiija trench coat, Gryphon New Timeless trench  or Red Valentino embroidered trench

Add a striped sweater: Edun colour-blocked stripe sweater, Aubin & Wills Mellanby striped sweater
or Etoile Isabel Marant Zena sweater

Leather pants: J Brand leather skinny pants or A.L.C. Brice leather pants


  1. Lovely sweater!

  2. Love both the sweater and the coat, very classic.

  3. I just love her! She just looks to me like she's such a nice person, like she'd be so approachable and a girl's girl. Beautiful style! ~Serene

  4. Caroline has great style. Trench covered in lace? Very innovative and unexpected, really like it!

  5. Gorgeous girl and so stylish I love those heels!!
    Vanessa I have just found your blog and it is fab so I wrote about it and added you on a list of friday links and to my blogroll..looks like you are having a great time and it shows in your work :)
    Carla x

  6. hi
    and I just found you via the link that Carla Coulson posted. I agree with what she says..
    do all australian women lawyers turn into photographers who take breathtaking pics?
    greetings from brussels

  7. OOoh ly god! Caroline has this incredible chic and she managed to take fashion risks with feminine classic codes! And her hair (as you know my obsession that you are able to magnify on your photo). Hope to see you and discover your secret at next Paris fashion week;)

  8. Nice blog!!

  9. I loved her blouse!!!!!!
    I'm posting looks from Los Angeles and windows of Beverly Hills:

  10. Beautiful coat! Feel free to visit my blog :)

  11. Thanks @everyone for your kind comments about Caroline.

    @Serene - yes, she is lovely! Very down to earth and approachable. And yes, she has such a beautiful, elegant style.

    @Marica- I know, right?! A lace covered trench is such a brilliant idea. And something that you would have for years and years.

    @Carla - hey Carla, thank you so much!! I am really happy you found my blog and thank you so much for the Friday link love. I appreciate it (and thank you for your kind words)

    @This is Belgium - hi Anni, thanks so much as well! I must go to Belgium some time! Ha ha! It is becoming a cliche, no?!

    @Madame M - You are so correct. She takes risks but doesn't look like she is doing it or trying too hard. Apart from the trench here, I love her mules. I have another photo of them with a different- soooo gorgeous.

  12. I love the trench coat.So classy; definitely love the embroidered details on it.Miu Miu velvet and lizard clutch gives off the finished look.