Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Hanne

Hanne Gaby Odiele, after Giambattista Valli, Paris, March 2012.

Recreate Hanne's Look (kind of):

I love Hanne's trousers but there is a lot of fabric going on....which is a little tricky for those of us not blessed with as quite as long legs as Hanne's. I think perhaps heels are the key along with a defined, slim silhouette on the top. Anyone manged a pair of trousers this wide especially in a taffeta fabric?

ASOS oversized boyfriend coat or Surface to Air red Maxi coat (I loved the oversized coats at Jil Sander and Celine...I can't wait to see them on the street next season)


  1. Intresting outfit, trousers are amazing with that simple red coat


  2. hanne is always rocking it, these are the craziest pants ever