Monday, 30 July 2012

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2012/13...Jessica

Canadian model Jessica Stam, after Armani Privé , Paris, July 2012.

Completely in love with this outfit on Jessica - I think she looks absolutely incredible. The preppy sweater and skirt, leopard print loafers and studded bag. love. it. all.


  1. Easy and fantastic combination
    She looks way better black-haired than blonde...this stand out her eyes


  2. in love with this look!

  3. Love the outfit, not as keen on the hair and makeup though x Sushi

  4. gorgeous!


  5. @Elmo - Her eyes look incredible don't they. Really amazing especially with that slicked back hair.

    @Viktoria - me too!

    @Sushi - kind of dramatic hair and make-up from the show isn't it!
    @monkeyshines - I love it!

  6. I love everything about this outfit: the conservative sweater, the short sassy skirt, and the bold leopard print shoes. It's the perfect balance of simple and trendy. Do you have any suggestions on how to get a similar look for an affordable price? I'm always looking for good bargains on fashionable outfits. Thanks for your input!

  7. @Ruth - hi Ruth, I had a quick look at ASOS and Nasty Gal and both have a couple of skirts very similar to Jessica's. Nasty Gal has one called Varsity pleated skirt for $88 (not sure if that is within your budget or not) and ASOS has one called Skater skirt in texture for $49. It is kind of short but you could probably get a size larger and wear it more on your hips than waist.Sweaters are just starting to come in for the new season, but there are some really cute ones on ASOS already (there is a really cute grey one with heart elbow patches). Hope this helps!