Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Doina

Doina, from The Golden Diamonds blog, wearing the peplum trend, Paris, March 2012.

The peplum: flirty, practical (nobody will ever know you have overindulged in cupcakes!), ladylike, dramatic. And sticking around for autumn/winter 2012 (as seen on the runway at Kenzo, Tory Burch, Lanvin, Christian Dior).

Recreate Doina's look (kind of):

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marfa peplum dress, Alice + Olivia peplum dress, Vero Moda lace peplum dress, Sandro Resonance crepe peplum dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs Ellsworth striped peplum dress, ASOS peplum dress or Julie Haus Novak peplum dress


  1. she's so beautiful!


  2. lovely!


  3. What an amazing face that girl has. Her nose is so petite, it draws such a unique character to her face. Lovely outfit, as well.

  4. Yay it's Doina!
    I absolutely adore her blog and am so happy to see her shown here....Two of my favorite blogs coming together into one! :)

    I remember reading a while ago about how she created this outfit. If anyone is interested, I'm pretty sure that Doina layered a skirt on top of a dress to create the cute peplum.
    Since I don't own any peplums yet, I'm definitely going to give that a try!


  5. The peplum is lovely!!! And the clutch..OMG! XOXO

    Obviously Obsessed 

  6. The yellow lace over black is very striking, and the solid black peplum is great over top to "calm" the look down a bit!

  7. I'm having a major love affair with yellow at the moment and this outfit is perfection! www.thenativestate.com

  8. Ha, she has the hair I'm aiming for on a daily basis. Love the dress too, can't work out if it's a skirt over the dress or part of it? Either way it works really well.

  9. @Kim - ha ha! Yes, the kind of hair that is perfect (but not overly so) - that looks freshly blow dried, straight but not too straight, the blows perfectly in the wind (instead of straight across the face like mine always does if I wear it down!). So I am thinking @Alice is correct - that it is a skirt over a dress!

    @Alice - thank you so much for letting us know about Doina's skirt over the dress trick! Brilliant. I am sure you could pick up a skirt like that super cheap from Topshop, H & M and layer it over a dress. Let us know how you go with your DIY.

    @The Native State - it is such a happy colour! And @Victoria- you are right, the black adds a little bit of subtlety to the dramatic print and colours of the dress.

    @Darby - Doina always does a good clutch!

    @Emily Ulrich and @Dominika - I think she is really beautiful :)

    @Angela and @monkeyshines - thanks for your comments!