Thursday, 23 August 2012

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2012/13...Karoline

Norwegian (new, new face!) model Karoline Bjørnelykke (Team Models), after Chanel Haute Couture, Paris, July 2012.


  1. Karoline's jacket is amazing! It's like the perfect hybrid between a lady-like houndstooth jacket and a chic, biker jacket. It also acts as a brilliant foil to her awesome auburn-red hair.
    Lovely snaps, Vanessa!

    Best Wishes,


  2. She has such a natural style!

  3. amazing jacket!


  4. Amazing pictures. She looks so sleek and not over the top


  5. Karoline looks like a doll!
    Her hair is the most gorgeous color and looks so perfectly shiny and healthy.
    That and her complexion is so pretty...she reminds me of a delicate porcelain doll!
    Her jacket and eye make-up definitely contrast with that idea though. I love that the tweed in her jacket is combined with a biker cut and hints of edgy leather. The end result looks like the offspring of an elegant debutante and a funky rockstar.
    That's definitely not a bad thing! :)

    The Ace of Hearts

  6. She's beautiful and she isn't another blondie doll!
    I love her hair!And her face is really particular!

    P.s. I love Paris!I've been here last year but I hope to return for my B-day!

  7. Wow she is absolutely beautiful, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her!
    Her hair is a stunning colour, and I adore her eye make-up. These pics are making me want to book another trip to Paris!

    xxx Em

  8. This outfit works really well, and I really like how tailored and fitted it looks!

  9. @everyone - so happy you like these photos of Karoline! She is totally gorgeous and I think big things are in store for her!

    @martina - I adore red hair (and this is not influenced by the fact I used to have red hair myself;)

    @the edit - correct! Lots more of her from what I have been told :)) And helllooo anytime is a good time for PAris!

    @Alice - she is like a doll isn't she - her skin is so pale and looks stunning with her red hair. I think she actually has freckles (which I LOVE). I hate seeing freckles covered up with make up.

    @Tara - her jacket is gorgeous isn't it. I wonder what brand it is....I thought Isabel Marant had one which was similar..

  10. OMG! She's breathtaking! Amazing pictures...

    xo, Ian.

  11. I was waiting for this one. I'm so glad you came after us. The pictures turned out AMAZING. Another great post Vanessa!

  12. @the sceptic - all thanks to you!! xxx