Friday, 3 August 2012

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2012/13...Hanneli

Hanneli, before Atelier Versace, Paris, July 2012.

And the weekend begins:
Skinny cropped jeans 
Tasseled loafers (an investment piece for the coming winter - just add socks or tights) 
A large bag to carry all your magazines, books, stuff that you need on the weekend! 

Recreate Hanneli's lovely weekend look (kind of):

Mustard yellow top: 3.1 Phillip Lim Overlay top, Kain Hailey top, Alexander Wang pleated apron shirt or Max C ruffle detail blouse


  1. she's looks like a nice person
    love the first photo :)

  2. I'm just so in love with Hanneli's style. She can basically make anything work. Any clue as to what camera she was holding?

  3. That leather top is gorgeous (as is Hanneli, of course)!

  4. Beautiful photos, especially the first one, so fun :)

  5. @Mica and @Pieri - first one is my fav as well! Although I think if you are actually taking a photo, you need to close your eye?! I am pretty sure I close one eye when I shoot :)

    @Brigadeiro -oooo is it leather?! I didn't even consider that! I thought it was a heavy silk material. Well spotted!

    @Marcia - correct. She always looks perfect. It is a little contax camera (that costs a lot of money - it is titanium - such that I was terrified of dropping it!)

    @amalie - I know, right?!

  6. Love the photos, I really love the combination of yellow and denim! It looks great!

  7. you look pretty and your outfit look so fab!

  8. i love the top!

    agnes / iiiinapired

  9. Hanneli style is sooo chic. Loving the top and shoes!!!


  10. The top is so pretty, fits her perfectly!