Saturday, 15 September 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012/13....Peony

Miss Peony Lim (in the rain!), after Chanel, Paris, March 2012.


  1. She looks like a doll! Beautiful, classic look

  2. stunning pictures of the stunning peony! i loved this look, it's absolutely perfect. love the ripped jeans with the fur sleeves and the super polished accessories. GORGEOUS!


  3. Peony lives up to her name!
    Like a peony, she always looks so naturally beautiful, so classy and elegant!

    I really don't think I've ever seen a picture where she looks anything short of amazing.
    Her hair is so glossy and long, her skin is so creamy and smooth looking, and her outfits!
    Here, I really love the combination of all the different textures. The tweed jacket, fur cuffs, ripped jeans, glittery heels, and a flowy blouse.
    Reading through that description brings to mind a look that is anything but flattering, a modgepodge of randomness and whatever is to be found in a closet. Or perhaps, scraps of materials used in making the latest runway garments.
    Then, you look at the photos and your mind is blown. Everything comes together so perfectly and paired with perfect curls. Now you understand the magic of Peony and why, just why, she is standing outside of Chanel. At Paris Fashion Week no less.

    Have a lovely weekend Vanessa <3


  4. lovely!


  5. Really beautiful!!! I love it!

  6. That's a beautiful outfit, and with that hair she looks even more stunning!

  7. She look fairy in this outfit.I give her 10/10 for this lovely outfit.