Sunday, 11 November 2012


Morven (Premier Model Management), Surrey, August 2012.

A little shoot that I did back in August with beautiful Scottish model Morven and styled by talented designer + stylist Verity Pemberton with gorgeous hair & make-up by Jessica Mejia. The shoot day turned out to be the hottest summer day this year so we were all positively melting especially Morven who was a trooper when we put her in heavy winter pieces (the vintage swimsuit was a lunchtime cool-down treat!). 

 A.P.C stripe frill blouse from + white boy shorts, stylist's own
 Le Mont St. Michel green sweater + Zoe Jordan white shirt + beautiful bug badges, stylist's own
Vintage swimsuit, stylist's own
Carven tweed coat with faux fur coat  from + Urban Outfitters bra + Le Mont St. Michel pants
Bo peeps bra + Hannah Casen Seawright skirt
Zoe Jordan red dress + vintage headpiece, stylist's own

hair and make-up: Jessica Mejia
model: Morven (Premier)


  1. oh, that turquoise sweater accentuates the color of her eyes perfectly!..

    Vanessa, I admire your photographs for a long time, especially the colors and depth.. Do you shoot with a film camera? Most of pictures have this soft grain and well-balanced colors, very true, that's why I had this thought.

  2. these are amazing shots, so fresh and real

  3. I love these, absolutely beautiful! My favourite are the ones with the teal jumper, such a beautiful colour. The light is so soft and bright.

  4. Great looks!!

  5. gorgeous!


  6. Oh my goodness she's like a Brooke Shields cross Jennifer Connelly cross Ali Michael. And I need that Carven coat.

    Adore this, Vanessa! So ethereal. x

  7. she is so incredibly beautiful. stunning shots.

    It's a LDN Thing

  8. THAT HAIR. saved to my desktop as inspiration... gorgeous photos


  9. You NAILED the lighting. Awesome pics.

  10. gorgeous shoot!

    That green sweater with the bug pins is so fab!! what a great idea.

  11. @Kate -isn't the green sweater gorgeous? All of us were ooohing and ahhing over the sweater with the bugs - we all wanted to purchase it but the bugs were all clever Verity's idea! I think she should design a sweater for UO exactly as she has done it here.
    And yep I do :) Expensive habit!

    @Vasilieva - thank you!

    @Ron McQuade - thanks so much. Yes, that is my favourite as well. It was SO hot, and that was shot inside a conservatory (which functions like a hot house) so poor Morven was heating up (and she had the flu!) and I had sweat running in rivers down my back. Plus there was a red umbrella which was giving off horrid reflections in the sun.

    @Marian - glad you like :)

    @monkeyshines - thank you!

    @Margaret - definitely some Brooke Shields going on! And yep, that Carven coat is gorgeous! Verity tried it on and it was beautiful on her as well. Didn't fit me of course ;)! Good luck with exams -not long to go now....

    @Millie - thanks Millie - she is beautiful, isn't she....And she is so, so nice as well.

    @Kayla - I know right? she has beautiful hair....

    @Anise - the lighting was a complete nightmare. It was SO bright and harsh and the green grass was reflecting onto Morven's skin especially her face....and we didn't really have permission to shoot inside. Anyway, we muddled through it.

    @Kat - Yep, the bug sweater was all Verity's idea!

  12. so sweet pics, amazing,
    leaves an air of tranquility at home :D
    I love it
    xoxo dear :D
    karleise kakafashionshow

  13. gorgeous pictures.


  15. Genial la idea de los insectos en el pullover.

  16. Gorgeous photos and model.
    Loved the green jumper with dragonfly details.

  17. So pretty! Everything looks so lovely with her skin tone. Love the bathing suit


  18. @Karleise - thank you :)

    @Rachelle and @Constance - thanks so much!

    @DF - all Verity's idea!

    @Lola - I know, doesn't she have beautiful skin?! Perfect English rose skin!

  19. i <3 <3 <3 d green sweater n d red dress both r like so eye catching n amazing

  20. The pictures are so fresh and beautiful. Loved the styling!
    Love from India

  21. excellent work ! Now get in our favorite magazines....Hellooo...Lula Mag, are you reading this ? :)

  22. gorgeous. morvan is lovely and i am blow away by the simple styling. those brooches!

  23. she is gorgeous...great photographs!

  24. @Martha - ha ha! yeah, that would be the dream :)) Lula, Russh, Oyster, Self-Service, Nylon, Another, Tank. All of them, I ♥ in a massive way :)

  25. That girl is amazing Vanessa... Her face... ! xo

  26. @Clementine - How are you Miss Clementine?!!!! I know right, Morven's face is just so beautiful!

  27. I'm fine !! Working a lot, life is good :) Let me know when you'll be back in France !

  28. These photos are so stunning!
    The clothes are absolutely dream worthy...I most definitely need to get my hands on that green sweater, that red dress, and just about everything else Morven is wearing! Each piece is so lovely and elegant looking--it all looks so at home amongst the lush green grass and the natural beauty of the wonderful world we live in.
    Speaking of natural beauty, how do I even begin to talk about Morven? That girl is PERFECT. A perfect complexion, luscious dark hair and eyebrows, sparkling blue eyes. How much more beautiful can you get?
    Clearly, Morven was a marvelous fit for these clothes. She makes them seem as if they are from some beautiful past age in the rolling countryside of England. An age of tea at noon and afternoons spent frolicking amongst never-ending seas of blue skies and delicate wildflowers.
    Or maybe I'm just getting carried away :)

    There's no denying the romantic feel to these photos though.
    Your photography, once again, is SUBLIME, Vanessa! I agree with Martha above. Get in our favorite magazines already :D


  29. How was her makeup applied?

  30. I really like the sweater green