Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paris Fashion Week SS 2013....Margaret

Margaret, Paris, October 2012.

Elegance and style at any age....Margaret was shopping with her husband along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré when I spotted her. She graciously allowed me to take her photograph. I doubt she will ever see this photo, but I am so happy that she allowed me to take it.

p.s. Adore her red lipstick. I imagine (and that is the beauty of photographs - they let you imagine) that even if she is spending the day at home, Margaret carefully puts on some lipstick and powder and sets her hair.


  1. I love this! Also love that the handbag adds a bit of edge to her chic outfit.

  2. This may be one of my favourite shot by yours. I also happened to bumped into a similar lady the other day, took a shot of her under a rare golden london afternoon.

  3. "Fashions fade. Style is eternal."

  4. sin duda una mujer muy elegante
    un abrazo

  5. I aspire to be as elegant when I grow up hehe



  6. lovely - this is a lady that takes care of herself, that makes the effort, that would never leave the house looking untidy or unkempt, we should all aspire to have that kind of style . Thank you for posting this gorgeous picture and thank you to Margaret, where ever you are for allowing Vanessa to take it

  7. Love! Love! LOVE!!! So great! I hope she does see it!!

  8. @Jane - thank you! She was wearing some rather fancy boots as well!

    @January - mine too....It kind of all just worked at once - her pose, the light, the background. I rarely get that :) Your photograph sounds beautiful!

    @Adele - glad you like

    @Cameron- indeed! Hope you are well, Cameron!

    @Enzo lovers - I agree! So elegant

    @Margaret - ha ha! well you are starting with the same name Miss Margaret! did you do anything for Melbourne Cup?

    @HighHeelShoes - no, she would never leave the house in ugg boots, trackie pants and a sloppy joe that is for sure!

    @Michelle - thanks Michelle :)


  9. Haha no I wish! In the thick of exams right now. Starting to plan for fashion circuit in Feb though! See you then ;) x

  10. Oh my! That was really awesome.