Friday, 7 December 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012/2013....Renee and Xu

Friends (and models) Renee Germaine van Seggern and Liu Xu in the falling snow, after Ruffian, NYC, February 2012.


  1. adorable! stunning bag!


  2. oh they look so cute together!

  3. That last photo is so nice. They look so cute and happy! :)

  4. hi Vanessa, I love your photos more than anyone else' but I do wish that you post less of Model;s photos because they look good in everything regardless of what they are wearing. Non-models look more interesting as they need to understand their body shape and great clothes that would look good on them.

    love your blog as always,
    a non-model

  5. these photos are so fun


  6. @Shopaholic, @monkeyshines and @Joy and @Mica and @Kayla T - correct! They were taking photos together in the falling snow on Renee's phone which was really sweet. I kind of just gatecrashed the scene :)

    @barefoot duchess - me too! I loved the curls and red lips

    @Anon - hey Anon! I agree totally with your point but I don't think it is at all limited to models: almost every single person (95 percent?) at fashion weeks would/does fit into sample size clothing which, in my view, doesn't represent the "average" girl who, as you say, has to consider what suits her figure (well, at least not my non-fashion industry friends anyway!). I only photograph street style at fashion weeks (I prefer to do other photography outside of fashion weeks) so what I blog is based on who I photograph in NYC, London and Paris. Hopefully you still find some inspiration on the blog though!