Thursday, 17 January 2013

London Fashion Week SS 2013....Canine Street Style

After Mulberry, London, September 2012.

Sometimes only a Mulberry coat will do....woof!


  1. Wow, haha! I love this shot Vanessa!! :D

    xx Mia

  2. @Lauren and @Mia - ha ha! Yes, it was pretty funny. He (I think the owner said it was a he....) had been into the show I think! So sweet.

  3. Oh. Em. Gee. I love this shot!

  4. the poor dog! this is a live animal not some doll one can dress up as one likes. im shocked that so many would support this kind of treatment of animals and call it 'cute'

  5. So funny & cute! fashion dog for real :)

  6. @Anon - While I appreciate that you are concerned about the welfare of animals (like so many of us), this dog (who was wearing a dog coat, not a onesie or a tutu and tiara), was incredibly well cared for and loved. I suspect that there are many dogs (and people) in the world that would like to be this have a warm home, owners who adore him, a comfortable bed to sleep in, proper vet care, food and water.

    @Brandon - me too!

    @Lady Vintage - indeed :)

    @Lady Vintage -

  7. ugh this pug is so stylish. dipping into the world of animal fashion is genius, they're just irresistible. but it's ironic that he's wearing a faux-fur hood haha

    The Chic Banner

  8. Aww this is too cute! One of your cutest photos ever, what a happy looking little guy! Adorable :)