Sunday, 20 January 2013

New York Fashion Week AW 2012....Michele

Model Michele Ouellet, after J.Crew, NYC, February 2012.

Michele is also the author of beautiful blog Kisser (thank you to @Kate, @stylonylon, @Alice for letting me know Michele's name and introducing me to her lovely blog).

The leather jacket: an essential wardrobe piece that just keeps on giving (and looks better as it ages).

Recreate her look (kind of):


  1. gorgeous lip color!


  2. The models name is Michele Ouellet :) total Jenna Lyons look alike! XX

  3. This is the fabulous Californian/Napa Valley model Michele Ouellet - she blogs at :) x

  4. Love the relaxed leather pieces in this outfit - her jacket and her Balenciaga pom pon bag!

  5. Like Kate and stylonylon have already pointed out, this is Michele Ouellet. She and her produce their own rose, she's a total Jenna Lyons lookalike, and she's a favorite of Garance Dore's. What's not to love about Michele?!
    This outfit is casual but amazing on so many levels. For one, that leather jacket is just the right amount of embellished with the epaulets, the zippers, and the buttons. I need a gorgeous jacket like that! Paired with some black skinny jeans and a chambray top, a leather jacket is the perfect piece to wear everyday. A black scarf ups the warmth factor while some fun pink lips add a great jolt of color.

    Simple but oh so lust-worthy!


  6. @Kate@Glossy Pages, @Stylonylon, @Alice - thank you so much for letting me know Michele's name and her beautiful blog! I appreciate y'all letting me know!

    @monkeyshines - it is beautiful isn't it. The right shade of red on a cold and grey day in NYC. Can't wait to see what the make-up is like for the show in February!

    @Mica - I could be hit by a Balenciaga bag and I wouldn't know which one it was! Thank you for letting us know!

    @Alice - Agreed! that leather jacket has just the right amount of embellishment and her red lips are insanely beautiful!