Friday, 8 February 2013

Paris Fashion Week SS 2013....Miroslava

Beautiful Miroslava Duma, Tuileries, Paris, October 2013.

Love this look on Miroslava: the lemon colour is so beautiful and y'all know I am a big fan of anything which involves lace. 

p.s. Note this beautiful weather in Paris?! This was the complete opposite of today's weather in NYC. I have never photographed in anything like it before: it was sleet-ey, rainy, stingy, windy, cold and without any proper snow! And then a pigeon (or some other hideous bird) with digestive issues pooped all down the back of my cape-coat. Nice!


  1. lovely coat!


  2. Wow...all of the elements are so elegant! Her simple hair and grin, white lace neck and sleeves, soft yellow, long coat, and low-heeled white shoes. You have captured a gem here!

  3. great look!

    xx Amy.