Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Paris Fashion Week AW 2013....Lisa

Swimwear designer and stylist Lisa Marie Fernandez, before Chanel, Paris, March 2013.

Go all out in a white trouser suit like Lisa Marie is wearing (note the high-neck skivvy she has on underneath: perfect if you want to wear a white suit in Spring or Autumn/Winter).

Recreate Lisa Marie's look (kind of):


  1. sleek and refreshing!


  2. So clean!
    White on white always looks magnificent but even more so when it takes the form of an elegant pantsuit. The tortoiseshell buttons break up the white expanse of Lisa's coat while also lending a gentle old-school professor-esque vibe to the entire look.
    While I would absolutely loooove to be able to wear something like this, white on white is unfortunately not a look that I can pull off given my propensity for dropping food and my overall clumsiness. Something tells me that a white suit stained with various bits of lunch would not necessarily be the most aesthetically pleasing :)
    Nonetheless, I can definitely appreciate the sleekness that Lisa has going on here.
    The brown turtleneck was so unexpected but feels just right, breaking up the whiteness while simultaneously providing some warmth and possibly also bringing the outfit just a little bit closer to the real world that the rest of us (who can't wear white on white on any given day) live on!


    P.S. The yellow tights of the lady in the background provide such a nice contrast with all the white while also continuing the mellow, warm color scheme going on in the photo!

  3. @monkeyshines - sleek is the word!

    @Alice - Lisa looks fabulous doesn't she! And the super minimalist look really suits her. And yes, me too! I would literally have to carry around a bucket of napisan with me! I would have things spilt down the front, would sit in something unsavoury for sure. Ahhh I didn;t even notice the lady with the yellow tights in the background! I was looking at the girl with the hot pink scarf!!