Saturday, 20 July 2013

London Fashion Week AW 2013....Donna

Donna Wallace, British Elle's Accessories Editor, before Clements Ribeiro (I think!), London, February 2013.

I think most times I have photographed Donna, particularly in the depths of London winter, she has been wearing black. But what keeps her look so interesting (and visually stimulating) is that she mixes up different fabric textures (here, the leather overalls), and adds colour via cute accessories (note her gorgeous shoes and heavy bracelets). 

Recreate Donna's look (kind of):


  1. fantastic boyish chic!


  2. Really like her style, she seems totally comfortable with it

  3. @monkeyshines - agreed! It suits her beautifully.

    @Matthew Pike - totally agree....I don't think there is anything worse at fashion week than when girls look like they have tried too hard or are uncomfortable in what they are wearing. Even though ADR sometimes wears outrageous outfits, she totally looks comfortable in them!