Sunday, 21 July 2013

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2013....Sofia

Art Director and Fashion Consultant Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, after Chanel, Paris, July 2013.

Today on the blog, two ways to wear a maxi - skirt or dress - in mid-summer. Keep things sheer like Sofia in her beautiful maxi skirt, or floaty and loose like Nausheen in her gorgeous blue dress (see post below). Experiment with jewellery: both Sofia and Nausheen are wearing oversized necklaces....

Recreate Sofia's look (kind of):

Alexander Wang Trompe l'oeil leather biker jacket, Proenza Schouler leather biker jacket, Theyskens' Theory Jiker jacket, Whistles Dakota leather jacket or River Island leather jacket


  1. Great look ;)
    Very nice!

  2. Oh wow! I love how she's taken three pieces that should not work well together and made them into a fabulous outfit!

  3. Absolutely stunning!
    Those pieces don't seem like they should combine to form a cohesive outfit but on Sofia, they look wonderful. Even though both the top and the skirt are so long and seemingly modest, the sheer material makes things far more exciting. All the colors of the embroidery on the top are grounded by the black of the leather and the skirt.
    Sexy yet totally appropriate and completely gorgeous!

    The SEAREX

  4. Any idea what brand the v neck top is? I love it !! Chanel ? Missoni??

  5. Sofia Sanchez !! I've answered my own ?!

  6. The outfit looks beautiful on her, but I wouldn't have gone with heels, flats would have looked better with that sexy skirt in the 'less is more' spirit of things...

  7. That embellished top is beautiful! The skirt is very striking too, but they work so well together. Such a lovely outfit :)

    Away From Blue

  8. @Shine Star - Sophia looks beautiful in everything!

    @Heather and @Alice - I agree, it is an unexpected yet beautiful combination that works so well together. I think a sheer maxi skirt (lace trimmed or not!) would almost always work with a leather jacket (the more beaten up the better?!) but yes, the addition of the sheer embellished top adds an unexpected (and possibly tricky) element. Somehow she makes it all work beautifully!

    @Anon - not sure what you mean?!

    @Jennifer - I wonder though if the skirt would then trail on the ground?! And maybe because it is soooo long, she needed the heels to elongate things (although Sofia is the last person to need any elongation assistance!).

    @Mica - agreed :)

  9. @Anonymous - ahhh! I am an idiot! I saw your second comment but not your first one until now! So I am not sure about the top. At first I thought it was Missoni but it is so embellished and ornate I am tending towards Chanel?