Friday, 5 July 2013

Paris Fashion Week AW 2013....Viviana

Stylist and Fashion Editor Viviana Volpicella, after Kenzo, Paris, March 2013.

I posted another photo of Viviana wearing this skirt with cute silver flats. For those of you who are considering a full midi skirt for summer or autumn/winter, I think they look gorgeous with flats, high-heel pumps (like Viviana is wearing above) or boots like Margaret was wearing in February.

Recreate Vivian's look (kind of):


  1. I love full skirts and you are right, they look great with flats as well. I wore one once with flat sandals and I was really surprised that I didn't look stumpy at Chuck Taylor's are great for full skirts as well. By the way, I am glad you are sharing more pics of Viviana, she is one of my favorite fashion icons these days.

  2. @Carelia Moran - I was going to add that I think a full skirt would look great with sneakers as well! Converse are great! Was your skirt midi length or maxi??? I wonder if the length makes a difference to whether your legs look stumpy or not????

  3. Viviana has the best vibe about her and she always looks so cool! xx Debra

  4. @dustjacket - Correct! She is like Elisa.....she is always smiling and chatting which I really love. I like photographing nice people :)) p.s. I was thinking of you while I was in Paris, I came across the most beautiful bakery called Du Pain des Idees. It was on my list to go to while I was Paris but weirdly happened to be near where the Margiela show was on! Such yummy things and such a gorgeous bakery.

  5. I'm writing that down...I'll get to Paris in the next few years :o xx debra

    1. You would love it! It really is a beautiful city - so many incredible buildings. And just sitting in a cafe in the early morning with a cafe au lait, people watching, is a delight :)