Friday, 2 August 2013

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2013....Shu Pei Qin

Chinese model Shu Pei Qin, before Armani Prive, Paris, July 2013.

Make-up, hair and outfit inspiration for those of you heading to something wonderfully glamorous this weekend!


  1. oh love her look <3

    xx Amelie

  2. So classy, so perfect with her hair and that bold red lip, the best amount of colour!

  3. I'm definitely going nowhere fancy this weekend but hey, I'll still take this outfit!
    The delicate beaded fringe, the gradient effect from head to toe, that perfect pop of vivid red lipstick.
    Unbelievably gorgeous.
    What more is there to say?

    The SEAREX

  4. @Amelie Mi - she looks adorable doesn't she!

    @Victoria - I elegant with an almost vintage feel...

    @Kate - love a bold red lip for evening!

    @Alice- ha ha! Me either! But it is such a beautiful dress? isn't it....amazing beading and gorgeous velvety skirt. The kind of piece you could keep in your wardrobe for 30 years and it would still look wonderful.