Monday, 12 August 2013

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2013....Marianne

Marianne Theodorsen from Style Devil blog, before Iris van Herpen, Paris, July 2013.

Recreate Marianne's look (kind of):


  1. So colorful!
    I really don't think just anyone could pull off an outfit like this. The bright yellow and green hair alone is a shocker. Add in an ethnically patterned dress in fun shades of red and orange and wow, this look is really out of this world! While I personally would have kept eyes staring at the dress with just a simple neutral pair of shoes, I love that Marianne added even more color with her colorful Nikes. With all this look going on, I can say that she definitely won't be hit by a car anytime soon :)

    The SEAREX

  2. adorable sneakers!


  3. @Alice - We adore Marianne because she can pull anything off including vibrant green hair! I loved this dress on her - she looked amazing (although she always does) and you are right, it was a riot of colour but it just worked!

    @monkeyshines - I wonder if they are the custom designed Nikes?

    @Lisa - heck yeah!