Monday, 12 August 2013

Paris Fashion Week AW 2013....Ruby

My favourite model to photograph, Ruby Aldridge, after Paco Rabanne, Paris, March 2013.


  1. Don't tell me I'm the only one getting a mod vibe from this photo.
    The printed mini, the chelsea boots, everything just screams mod to me! But then again, I wasn't alive then so how would I know? :) Regardless of what inspired Ruby's outfit, I love it! The checkerboard pattern of her skirt is fun and more interesting than the original whereas her teal belt is an unexpectedly fitting hint of color. Her camel coat is just perfectly oversized and completes the overall neutral look. Something tells me that an outfit like this would be just right for fall!

    The SEAREX

  2. gosh. she is flawless.

  3. Love your blog!!! Is so cute! =)

  4. @Alice - you are not the only one! 70's, vintagey, mod vibes are happening :) And yes, a perfect fall outfit!

    @yvo - I know, right?! Just flawless. And has great personal style to boot!

    @Mireia - thank you very much.