Friday, 18 October 2013

New York Fashion Week AW 2013....Preetma

WSJ's Market Editor Preetma Singh (who also plays drums in the band Vomitface!!!), after A Show, NYC, February 2013. 

Shorts for winter? Just Do It! Layer up and wear knee-high boots (love Preetma's snakeskin boots).


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Miss Margaret!!! Are you well?! I want to see them play!

    2. Super well, Vanessa! Getting stuck into final papers and exams right about now... How about you? Is London getting chilly?

      Here's hoping they'll be playing again when we're there next Feb!

  2. Hope we're playing too! Would LOVE you guys to come. We are also open to travel ;)

    And lovely pics as ALWAYS, Vanessa! Maybe I can convince you to also do some band shots in exchange for that tee .....

    1. I am desperate for a shot of you in that tee! I will not be forgetting, just so you know :)))