Friday, 14 February 2014

New York Fashion Week SS 2014....Tian

Chinese model Tian Yi, after A Show, NYC, September 2013.

Recreate Tian's super cool look (kind of):

Rag & Bone Dakar perforated leather pants (these are the ones Tian is wearing), Les Chiffoniers paneled leather pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim piped leather pants, ASOS high waisted leather look pants with biker detail, or Acne Best pants

3.1 Phillip Lim cropped collared tank top, Proenza Schouler crop shirt, Robert Rodriguez net insert cropped shirt, or Equipment Slim signature top

Saint Laurent Lulu leather shoulder bag

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I am just back from NYC and had an amazing time (and it was amazingly cold and snowy!).

Continuing on from my Weekend Life post, a few of my favourite places/things to do from this trip:

Coffee: Prodigy Coffee (consistently excellent), Marlow & Sons (great space and coffee - I want to try their breakfast next visit), Little Collins (love the under-counter Modbar coffee machine)

Old school cafes: Viand, Madison Avenue (great for a grilled cheese or turkey club sandwich), Eisenberg's Sandwich shop. These places won't win any foodie awards but they are wonderful for a quick meal at the bar in retro surrounds.

Gramercy Tavern (we had an awesome night out here with a Swedish friend. Brilliant service and food at the bar).

Dominique Ansel bakery (we trooped here on a rainy morning and tried a DKA. It was excellent! Sort of like a crispy, extra-buttery croissant sprinkled with sugar. All the cronuts were sold out by the time we arrived....maybe next February I will manage to try one!)

Georgetown Cupcake (I gave up on trying to photograph outside the Jason Wu show on Mercer Street and treated myself to a cupcake instead. It was delicious - not too sweet and very moist)

Best Made Company (loved absolutely everything in this store. Do I need an axe in my life? No! But they are so handsome you could mount one on the wall!)

Billy Joel concert at MSG. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Knicks game at MSG

Stephen Fry in Twelfth Night on Broadway. Brilliant.


  1. wonderful!

  2. Yes, Little Collins is great! Sadly, it is not conveniently located to either my home or office, but I try to find ways to make it over there. It's the type of place I'd love to have be my "regular place," where they know my name and we chat and catch up. And yes, also, to Twelfth Night. The whole production was just brilliant.

    These photos are making me long for spring/summer/fall!

    1. @Claire - yay!! That is so fun that you go there! So so many amazing, inspiring places in NYC.....I am just back and wish I was going again soon. Sadly I think my next visit will be in September. I love those places where they remember your name/order and it is just comfortable and easy to be there :)

      So you saw Twelfth Night????!!!!!

    2. Yes, I think I saw it on someone's Instagram and thought it looked worthy of a visit. I've only gotten about 4 stamps on my punch card since the summer, though, so that gives you some idea of how my attempts to go there are working out! I did send my Australian co-worker there, as I thought she'd enjoy it. I have never had one of those regular places! But frequenting these "cool" coffee spots can get expensive. I guess that's my excuse!

      Yes, I saw it! Wish I could've seen Richard III as well. Twelfth Night was really something. Mark Rylance almost had me in tears (the good kind!).

    3. Ha ha! Love the punch card :))) I just got my free coffee at my local coffee shop yesterday!

      Twelfth Night was brilliant wasn't it - so pleased that we managed to get tickets. I loved the theatre as well and the seats on the stage (although I would have felt to claustrophobic to sit there). We were fortunate enough to see Death of a Salesman on Broadway with Philip Seymour Hoffman a couple of years back as well.....