Monday, 12 May 2014

Paris Fashion Week AW 2014...Tuxedo Dress

Tuxedo dresses (worn by Tao Okamoto and ? - help!), before Viktor & Rolf, Paris, March 2014.

Recreate their look (kind of):

Forget the classic jacket + trouser combination and slip on a tuxedo dress instead....

Karl Lagerfeld Brigitte dress, McQ Alexander McQueen satin-trimmed tuxedo dress, McQ Alexander McQueen tuxedo halter, Marc by Marc Jacobs tuxedo dress, Self Portrait Tuxedo wrap dress or Maison Martin Margiela tuxedo dress

Viktor & Rolf Bombette bag


  1. sleek!

  2. Absolutely adore tuxedo dresses and am currently on the hunt for one to wear instead of my tuxedo pant suit!

  3. @monkeyshines - love the tuxedo dress!

    @Sophia - oooo let me know if you find one! (and what you style it with!).