Monday, 7 December 2015

Paris Fashion Week SS 2016....Before Chloe

Before Chloe, Paris, October 2015. 

A beautiful off-the-shoulder sweater. 

Recreate her look (kind of):

Off the shoulder action - Maiyet off-the-shoulder cashmere sweater, Raey cashmere sweater, Off the Shoulder Bailey 44 Reality top, Acne Daze off-the-shoulder sweater, Vetements Off the shoulder mini dress, Nordstrom + Caroline Issa Off the Shoulder top, or ASOS off the shoulder top


  1. hi,i really love this shot!
    do you have any idea which brand it is the bag she's holding on the photo?

    1. Hi anon! Oh dear, I literally have no idea! It is a bag I haven't seen before (super unusual). Sometimes I have extra shots and I can zoom in on the bag to see if there is a brand identifier or not but I know I only got one shot of her unfortunately. Perhaps you could post on a bag/purse forum? Those girls (and guys!) are complete wiz's at identifying what sort of bag etc. I hope you find out (and report back if you do as maybe it will help someone else out here).

    2. hi! it's ok ~ thank you for reply to my question :)
      i have taken a look of lots of famous brands but it seems non of them are the brand of this bag T_T
      Maybe it's an independent designer brand,i will carry on finding this bag and report back when i figure it out! :D

    3. Fingers crossed you find out!! Let us know if you do.