Saturday, 4 April 2009

Street Style: It's All About The George...And The Jeans

Sun: check
Cloudless Blue Skies: check
Temperatures in the mid-teens: check
Devastatingly handsome gent: check
Beautiful Girl: check
Jeans (one white, one acid washed): check
Men's Blazer: check
Sunglasses: check

Most Excellent Blog Fans, I give you London in the Spring :)

And who is George? George Cortina: Uber stylist, Associate Fashion Director for Vogue Nippon and regular on The Sartorialist. You can check out Scott's latest photograph of George (with the divine Anna Della Russo) here.

And guys, what is George wearing with his white* jeans? black shoes with no socks.

Her shoes are by Topshop in case anyone is wondering....

*George's jeans are indeed whiter than white! I think I need to work on my white photos are always a little yellow, no?


  1. His white pocket handkerchief works well with the jeans. Her turned back cuffs provide the same sort of accent.

  2. Exactement, Cameron. And his blazer/jacket (just what is the difference between a blazer and a jacket?)was a lovely charcoal-ish grey which worked really well with the white. And I did wonder what kind of shoe a man would wear with white jeans- now we know!

  3. noooo! white jeans + no socks + black shoes = wrong

    where is the colour?

    and the black weaved leather belt?

    he's going the Miami Vice look if you ask me