Sunday, 7 June 2009

London Street Style....The Girl Wears Willow

Kit Willow features on my "favourites" list of Aussie designers (which, admittedly, is rather long)...she's up there with Lover, Josh Goot, Camilla and Marc, Akira Isogawa, Scanlan&Theodore, Jayson Brunsdon, Kirrily Johnston, Sass & Bide, Zimmerman, Marnie Skillings, Collette Dinnigan, Toni Maticevski. Ginger&Smart - ack, the list runs endlessly on...

I think this dress might be from the Autumn-Winter 2009-10 collection- anyone know?


  1. One of the dresses from Willow's Innocence collection is currently on my lust list... (

    This one is lovely too, did you check


  2. Thanks Karin!
    Mademoiselle Robot (oops,sorry, Mademoiselle Hobo* ;-) I could absolutely see you in that gorgeous dress. I love the way her dresses just seem to "float" and the feathered frock is no exception.

    *having a little giggle at your ingenious Willow dress fund plan- hmmmm I would love a Nikon D3...But at almost £3000 I reakon I would get enough money, in, oh, about year 2050!

  3. it's certainly a beautiful dress, kit does do dresses very well indeed. I would love to buy a million things from WIllow, but it's all very expensive. *sigh* I'm not sure this is autumn winter 09... i haven't seen it in stores recently. perhaps its 08/09...


  4. The dress is nice indeed, but I'd really love to have the hair!

  5. I love this dress and her style, your blog is great :)

  6. this blog is fresh!! was getting jaded about street style photos..but no more! i've been watching this blog for a while now, and i must admit that I check it for updates before even (gasp) sarto, garance or NAST.
    keep it up!
    Sasha, london

  7. Gosh I can so totally see myself floating around in that floaty dress... I really wish Elle hadn't pointed me to the feathered frock, now I am completely obsessed with it (and the rest of Willow's creations) but my poor blogger/hobo purse can't handle it.
    You could add a donation button for your camera, surely your subscribers would help you! I know I would!

    ps - i don't think i have mentioned before I am not normally a big reader/commenter of street style blogs, but I am totally in love with your photos! You certainly have an eye for beautiful silhouettes!

  8. Thanks so much everyone- I gotta come back and reply to y'all comments when I get home tonight- oh, yeah, IF I actually get home cos it looks like the London Tube strike is going ahead.
    Mademoiselle Robot- I may need to borrow your hobo title as I might be hitchhiking home tonight from Earls Court!

  9. Beautiful dress~
    She looks a lot like model Sarah Stephens.

  10. Hey Mimi-rose- I think her name is actually Amy and she is a model through Select? But I could be wrong....she was very beautiful :)

  11. YOU AND ME. COFFEE PLEASE. I keep looking at your photos and each time I think we have stuff to talk about!
    I should really email you shouldn't I?

  12. I love the dress and the model

    Karolina xxx