Friday, 2 April 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

The beautiful Lea who was assisting one of the photographers at Paris Fashion Week. I first met Lea when we were travelling between shows on the Paris Metro (not the best place to take photos: trying to hold onto a camera while trying to maintain one's balance is ever so slightly challenging) and then outside the Chloe show where I took these photos.


  1. Oh I do love a good blazer and this studded one is absolutely amazing. I just love the way she's worked it with a denim shirt and the belt. And boots! Oh please become cold so I can wear boots!

    Anyway - I've been sadly refreshing your blog repeatedly over the weekend to see when you'd post new photos up.

    I'm such an addict.

    You inspire me to keep stalking people around uni with my shutterbug (wow that sounded really bad...but it's really not as awful as it sounds...) Hmm...


  2. woooow this girl is AMAZING!!

  3. Thanks a lot for taking my pictures ! It was really nice meeting you. Hope we'll see each other soon, tell me next time you're in Paris !



  4. KohCo: this is perfect Melbourne winter wear, yes? I love the way Lea has buttoned the denim shirt all the way to the top (see, you SO need one!) and then layered with the 2 jackets. Hee hee KohCo- you are so funny. I can just imagine you lurking around uni in the bushes with your camera (pretending to take nature photos of course!) and then leaping out when someone stylish wanders past!

    I have been quite naughty this week with uploading- MUST try and load up photos each day to the blog. New goal for next week :) Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend in Melbourne.

    @Myriam- she is so pretty, isn't she!

    @Lea- my absolute pleasure Lea. Lets see if we can catch up again soon!

  5. Not feeling this look, think it has been overplayed too often of late in various street style blogs and such...or is just too very much on trend. Nice photo work, though.

  6. Hey Meg- what do you think about the denim shirt? Not necessarily Lea's denim shirt but denim shirts in general???? Even though I have "been there done that" once before (actually, probably more like 2 or 3 times!) I think I will still buy one for this Spring/Summer- I like that they are relaxed and comfy!