Thursday, 19 January 2012

Weekend Life...Long Island

These are the last of my photographs from 2011's pre-NYFW trip to Long Island, New York.

Prior to staying at The Surf Lodge, we spent two nights in Hampton Bays. It was just a few days after Hurricane Irene so we felt extremely fortunate to have even made it to Long Island and that the damage caused by Irene wasn't worse than it was.

We spent our time driving around, admiring the beautiful houses and architecture (who doesn't love a porch with a swing out front?!), visiting the roadside farm stalls which are dotted around the island, hoping for a random sighting of Ina Garten (okay, that was only me ;), photographing random cars (clearly I am obsessd with American motor vehicles-I photographed even more than I have shown you here!), taking a trip on the ferry to Shelter Island and listening to this song by Billy Joel. I think it is my most favourite Billy Joel song.

Eat: Excellent chowder at The Dockhouse in Sag Harbour (sit on the dock and watch all the huge yachts- and their lucky passengers- as they manoeuvre their way into the harbour while slurping your chowder).
Espresso Market in Sag Harbour. This kind of place is one of the reasons I love travelling in the US so much- the food won't blow your mind but it is good, homemade and served with a smile. We shared an omelette stuffed full of mozzarella, fontina, provolone and prosciutto for breakfast one morning.
Canal Cafe&Market on the Shinnecock Canal, Hampton Bays.

Drink: The American Hotel is an institution (so worth a visit for the history) but.....


  1. Wow this just made me miss going out to East Hampton so much... it needs to get warm ASAP now.


  2. Beautiful. Reminds me of my boarding school days in the US.

    ps. I actually just read your profile for the first time (!!!) Had no idea you used to be a lawyer. I am a banker turned fashion illustrator (also living in london)

  3. @The PvdH Journal- Wow!! Lucky you going to boarding school in the US!! What an experience.! That is so cool you used to be a banker and now you are an illustrator!!! Wurd!

    @Collections- I was just looking at some photos from Christmas (we spent it in Provence and the Rhone Alps) and I am kind of wishing for snow right now! So I either want snow or summer :))

  4. Amazing beautiful pictures, this would make a beauitful editorial or movie scene. you are so gifted :)

  5. these photos are beautiful! I want to go here but it's a long trip from England! Keep uploading great pics so I can have a bit of Long Island in my life!!

  6. The pictures of where you go are always so idyllic and perfect.

  7. inspiring captures!


  8. @Cristiana Nunes- that is very sweet of you to say Cristiana but I have a looong way to go before my photos look like I want them to look!

    @emma baker- correct! It is a long way from the UK (but not so far as Australia ;)).
    @Andie Bottrell- sometimes (not all the time) I am lucky that it doesn't rain!
    @monkeyshines- thank you :)

  9. Vanessa, these are quickly becoming my favorite sort of post that you do! Please travel the world and make a book! Your photos are the sort I'd like to have printed out and sitting on my coffee table or nightstand... they are too good just for the screen! xx

  10. These pics are amazing. They make me want to pack my bags immediately!

  11. @ the Style Crusader - ha ha! I think everyone can relate to travel photos (not everyone can relate to a £3000 handbag!) and most people love to travel. I know when I look the work of photographer's I admire, their travel photos always pull me in and make me want to go where they have been! That is why I love the TOAST catalogues so much- beautiful models in exquisite locations.

    @the wild bunches- thank you xx

  12. these photos are lovely. Such a dreamy wonderland! Seems like a great place to escape to.

  13. Hi Vanessa. it so nice to meet you and your blog (recommended at {this is glamorous}.
    What a wonderful story and for the first time (with many years of visiting the US and NYC) I am really interested in visiting the Hamptons and Montauck. Have a beautiful weekend. Smile loads.

    Priscilla Joy
    House of Tulips
    Dutch Caribbean

  14. Beautiful photographs. Please keep in mind that although your vacation was not ruined by Hurricane Irene, the damage was brutal for many of Long Island's communities. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  15. Hi can someone give me the name/type/model of that mustang?I am not really into cars but this one looks great...

    thank you