Saturday, 10 March 2012

London Fashion Week AW 2012...Alexa

Alexa Chung, after Erdem, London, February 2012.

Another girl who always looks amazing, in an effortless, she hasn't spent an age in front of the mirror kind of way. And she is a talented writer as well. In the latest issue of British Vogue Alexa talks about giving her wardrobe an ethical makeover...a great read and I love the honest way she ends the article "I can't say I will be dressing head to toe in ethical fashion from now on, but I will be making a concerted effort to be more mindful of what I consume, and endeavour to look through what I already own before adding more. Who knows? One day, I might be able to see what my bedroom floor looks like again."*

All of the pieces she is wearing here (particularly that beautiful floral skirt and the coat...and those Celine silver wedges are pretty cute as well ;), would be pieces she could pass down to future generations....just like her grandmother did.

Recreate Alexa's Look (kind of):

Erdem Criona high-waisted mesh and raffia skirt or Erdem floral pencil skirt (love the front pockets in this somehow makes it a little more relaxed) or Topshop watercolour slip skirt   

*British Vogue, page 190, April 2012


  1. i dont like the skirt but the rest of the outfit is nice :)

  2. Alexa is amazing, so usual)

    Polly with love

  3. @esmeralda- is it the floral? or the shape? Too grown-up?
    I am totally embracing the floral trend right now and I love that this is floral-eeeee but not too over the top.

    @Polly- you got it!

  4. As usual, Alexa looks great, stylish and so natural but still effortless.. Amazing!
    She's very talented to find the pieces (of different styles) which matche so well together :)

  5. Vanessa these shots look they came straight out of the 60s! I love them. I've always got a bit of a soft spot for Alexa, and I think her new haircut is lovely. I'm actually contemplating a chop myself (don't tell peony haha she tried to talk me out of it in new york haha). But I love how it's a little longer than a bob, and the front fringe too. Also this coat is great - does anyone know where it's from??


  6. @Hannah-Rose- hannnnnnnah!!!!!! Are you back in Sydney?!! did you have a fabulous time in HK? Want to hear all your adventures from the rest of your visit to NYC ;) Isn't her hair glorious - almost a little mad men-ish but with a more relaxed feel. Mmmmmm not sure about her coat. For some reason Celine keeps popping into my head but I think that is because her camel coat from a couple of seasons ago was Celine. Okay, a little research and it is......drum roll.... Mulberry (I think)!

    @Jennifer- exactly. I am not really a fan of "head to toe" looks from the same designer (I am more of a mish-mash girl myself) so how she puts pieces together is delightful.

  7. gorgeous outfit! love her style so much

  8. Freaking love the message behind this post Vanessa. The quote from her is inspiring and exactly the sort of message people should be digesting and mulling over.

    Also, I LOVE Alexa's hair... it totally reminds me of something my mom would have sported back in the late 60s/early 70s... that quintessentially upbeat bouncy curl. I really really love it. Beautiful shots. Her style is totally developing in a way that feels organic and true to her style - I haven't seen that more accurately displayed than right here on your blog.


  9. Stunning stunning stunning photographs

  10. she always looks stunning <3

  11. Stunning eyecatching kind of fashion. Damn!

  12. Hi Vanessa, I love this photo so soft and natural! You are always fantastic at photographing women! I am really excited to hear that Alexa Cheung is giving out such positive messages, which Vogue edition is it btw? March or April? Thank you

  13. @Sarah, @Yuka, @Tiffany - I know, right?! She just always seems to "get it". Never too over the top or "fashion-ey".

    @T like Bubble Tea - thanks so much! I really do love photographing girls. As much as I adore boys, there is something beautiful and feminine and wonderful about photographing women. The British Vogue has just come out (mine was delivered Friday) and it is the April edition.

    @the style crusader - thanks so much Jen! you always are so generous and kind in your comments. And yes! I think most of us probably had mum's who did their hair like this back in the day! I wonder if she had a blowout the morning of, or if she did it herself. Or maybe she had it done for a party the night before, and this was the "morning after" look. Any which way, she looks gorgeous.

  14. Amazing combination!