Monday, 8 October 2012

London Fashion Week SS 2013...Joanna

Harper's Bazaar (US) Senior Fashion Market Editor, Joanna Hillman, after Vivienne Westwood Red Label, London, September 2012.

Three things I discovered from photographing Joanna in this outfit:

1. It is possible to descend stairs in an elegant manner in very high heels if you practice enough. For those still in the L-plate stage of high-heel wearing, hold onto the railing tightly or at the very least, the arm of an obliging boy or friend. A leg cast (and there is always at least one around during fashion week) is never desirable.

2. I really, really like the longer back hem detail on Joanna's Stella McCartney dress. I think it adds interest to a simple shift dress (Tamu also wore a Stella McCartney dress in Paris with a shirttail hem and looked beautiful).

3. Churchill War Rooms is located just behind those steps. I have been meaning to visit ever since I have lived in London. Now I know where it is, I intend to go!

Recreate Joanna's look (kind of):

Michael Kors leather sandals or Alexander Wang sandals


  1. Amazing look! I just loooove the jacket

  2. fantastic jacket!


  3. Great look! Very interesting cardigan (or is it a blazer)!

  4. that jacket is incredible!


  5. I learn so much from your blog everyday Vanessa!
    For instance, these three things that you discovered while photographing Joanna.

    1) I have yet to understand how people can walk up and down stairs gracefully in heels. Then again, I'm the girl who trips over my own feet just walking around barefoot....Heels require certain amounts of grace and balance that I clearly don't have!

    2) Asymmetrical hemlines are so big now and they just look so cool! They definitely add a fun touch to any outfit, especially a simple one like Joanna's! The combination of the elegant black shift and the trendy hemline is pretty nice. Stylish and trendy but also timeless and refined.

    3) Churchill War Rooms? Oooh that sounds fascinating! Whenever you get a chance to go, do tell us how it is :)

    I really love the way Joanna accessorized her outfit. Even though the asymmetrical hemline does add a hint of novelty to things, a simple black dress is still exactly that: simple. The crazy funky Stella McCartney Spring 2012 RTW jacket adds a major kick to the outfit while those black booties make things a little more edgy. Then, that simple white clutch plays off the white in the jacket, creating an outfit that's centered around just a few different shades.
    Very nice. Very nice, indeed.


  6. I love the dress... The whole look has a young Jerry Hall vibe, don't you think?

  7. Speaking of elegant stair descending, my trainer just taught me to walk down stairs with my legs wide appart, I call it the butch walk. Its super hot, especially in heels and a dress.

  8. @Nyrha and @monkeyshines and @Far and wild jewelry -The jacket is very beautiful isn't it, almost like a sculpture.

    @T - I think it is a jacket!

    @The Slow Pace -oooo yes!!! So Jerry Hall! It is fun to see Jerry Hall in Strictly Come Dancing here in the UK!

    @Michelle- that sounds horrifying! Best attempted only when wearing gym workout gear, trainers and carrying a bottle of water I think!

    @Alice - Ha ha! Me too. I fell over earlier this year wearing sneakers and hurt my ankle very badly. So now I am like an elderly lady descending stairs now - I grip the handrail like nobody's business!
    Did you see Joanna's fabulous earrings? Gorgeous with her blond hair! I think the shirt-tail hem helps to show off her long, toned legs. Tamu also has fab legs and looked amazing in the Stella dress she wore.