Monday, 8 October 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013...Miroslava

Miroslava Duma, after Derek Lam, NYC, September 2012.

Miroslava's dress reminds me of a liquorice allsort! So fun.


  1. lovely dress!


  2. Why do the best dresses have to be sooo expensive

  3. i always love what she's wearing! she always looks amazing but without wearing anything conventional, the best!


  4. Miroslava!!
    That woman is a goddess.
    I wish I could just pick her and all her cutesiness up and stick them in my pocket. That's not weird at all right?
    Seriously though! How can one person be given so much amazingness? She's so cute and petite and she manages to put together outfits that make me want to weep with joy. Oh dear, getting a little over-emotional now! :)

    This dress is pretty. Pretty amazing. And just pretty too.
    All the colors combine for a really fun look while the sheerness balances out the oversaturated tones. Good stuff.
    Those wedges are also pretty killer and elevate things (both literally and figuratively!) another 10 notches or so.
    And those cute little bobby pins! I thought bobby pins worn like that were just for little schoolgirls. I guess I've been proven wrong!
    Miroslava...Miroslava...always doing something fun and lovely.


  5. @monkeyshines - do we know what brand?

    @Cleo - Good question!

    @far and wild jewelry- me too. I love to photograph her, she always looks incredible!

    @Alice- ha ha! Yes, she is very cute and very petite! I love that even though she is petite the clothes don't overpower or overwhelm her - she wears them rather than the other way around. The little bobby pins? She is growing out her fringe :)