Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New York Fashion Week AW 2012

On a rainy, cold morning in NYC, February 2012.

In anticipation of fashion week in NYC in February, I have purchased another thermal vest/top for layering (bringing my total to 3!). I refuse to be as cold as I was last February - the wind chill on two days in particular made it entirely miserable. Probably I just need to invest in a heavy quilted coat like this one though!

Recreate her look (kind of):


  1. Oh she looks so cute and chic in that coat! :)

    It would definitely swamp me, she pulls it off well :)

  2. @Ali - I am not sure what her name is....I was hoping somebody would know!

    @Mica - I think when it is freezing cold and wet (which this day was) I wouldn't care if I looked like a polar bear as long as I was warm!