Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New York Fashion Week AW 2012....Laurel

Laurel Pantin, Associate Market/Shopping Editor Glamour magazine (US), NYC, February 2012.

Recreate Laurel's look (kind of):

Love the proportions of Laurel's outfit: her flared pants/jeans (can't quite work out if they are pants or jeans!) echo the shape of her cropped coat, and her thick-soled trainers balance out the sparkliness of her sequin top.

Pea coat: Vince wool pea coat, Tory Burch Bernadine peacoat, J.Crew leather-trimmed wool peacoat, ONE by Gerald & Stewart Pea Coat, J Brand Ready-to-Wear Alberta pea coat, or See U Soon pea coat

Kalmanovich Moonlight sequin blouse, Funktional Weiland sheer back sweater, or River Island sequin t-shirt


  1. Darn, bell bottoms are so nice! Can you recommend any high waist ones?

    Love Despite Color

  2. @Iben - I think the Martini Velvet pants by J Brand and the MiH jeans have a fairly high waist (so give the taller/thinner effect). There is also this pair of Bellefonte jeans which I think fit what you are looking for (although they are jeans, not pants)
    Hope this helps!

  3. wonderful!