Monday, 13 January 2014

Weekend Life.....Snapshots from NYC (Summer)

NYC, early September 2013.

A few snapshots from an afternoon spent wandering the High Line, West Village and Hudson River Park back in September last year before NYFW. 

 New York.

Although I love trying out new restaurants and coffee shops, I seem to return to these places on each visit (sometimes it's nice to have the comfort of the familiar): 

 coffee: Third Rail Coffee + Saturdays Surf + Joe The Art of Coffee (West Village - we usually stay in the West Village so these coffee shops are close by for morning coffee), Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Ace hotel and W. 8th), Laughing Man (Tribeca), Blue Bottle and Ninth Street Espresso (Chelsea Market. Perfect for grabbing a coffee on the run between shows during NYFW), Kava (Meatpacking), Toby's Estate (Brooklyn). I can't wait to try Intelligentsia in the High Line Hotel this February (especially as I plan on visiting a couple of the Intelligentsia coffee shops in Chicago). Also keen to try Little Collins NYC 

 Keen's Steakhouse (a NY institution. Love the steak, the crudites, the service, and the atmosphere in both the restaurant and the bar. It is also brilliantly located if you are heading to Madison Square Garden - we have tickets to the Billy Joel concert plus the Knicks this Feb so will be heading to Keens on one of those night's).

I  Momofuku ssam bar (three words: steamed pork buns. Best I have tasted, no contest)

 Levain Bakery (banana bread and ridiculously good cookies.....and no need to eat for the entire rest of the day)

 John's of Bleecker Street (Super Bowl Sunday = pizza day)

 The Spotted Pig (the burger)

 The Corner Bistro (nostalgia, great atmosphere + simple, good burgers)


 Puffy's Tavern 

 The Lobster Place (sashimi on the go. My preferred place for lunch during NYFW.....although once I mistook the wasabi for avocado when I was eating and walking. eep!).

We have tried lots of other places in Brooklyn and Manhattan (some really good, some so-so, some no-go-ever-again) but the places above are reliably delicious.

I still haven't made it to the land of the cronut and DKA, I loved Difara pizza (but it is a wee bit too far to go on each visit to NY), I am keen to go back to Locanda Verde, I keep meaning to try The Little Owl but never seem to manage it, Joseph Leonard is always a nice night out, and Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding is delicious plus the West Village location is excellent for late night window peeping in the beautiful stores that line the streets. 


  1. hace algunas semanas que no como helado :( desde que enfermè y recièn, luego de 4 semanas, me recuperè :/

  2. Killing it. So excited about my upcoming trip to NYC

    1. When are you going?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. These snapshots are terrific! Light and atmosphere are great, love NYC

  4. Great list! Have you been to ABC Kitchen? Another one of my faves. How I love that city.

    1. Argh, I typed a whole reply and then lost it!! Anyway, no, I haven't been to ABC Kitchen but it is one of the favourites of my friend Jason so it has been on my "to-go" list for awhile. I just haven't got around to doing it! We love to have at least a couple of nights eating/cooking in as well (usually some lovely beef from Eataly or pizza dough from Eataly -> homemade pizza) and with only 7-10 nights each visit, it is hard to squeeze everything in. But I must try and get there although I think Jason said it is fairly tricky to get a reservation???? Also, have you had the chicken from NoMad??? That is also on "my list". We have had the fried chicken from Blue Ribbon (both at the casual place in the LES/East Village? and the Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen) and they were both nice but not somewhere I would go on each visit to NYC. I would like to try the Izakaya though....
      Also on my must try is gets mixed reviews but I love the idea of it!

  5. Beautiful pics ! Love the light M-C

  6. @Lucy - thank you! Me too, love that city so so much.

    @ Lady Vintge - thank you!

    @Dorothy Lin - I was just looking at ABC home decor shop today and didn't realise it is part of ABC kitchen! Very fun. Also I thought I would add honourable mentions of Katz's deli or Carnegie deli for a traditional pastrami on rye and pickle. Oh and Donut Plant has some pretty yummy doughnuts (so I try to stay away!) and Billy's Bakery has nice cupcakes.