Friday, 16 May 2014

Weekend Life....Snapshots from Chicago (Winter)

Snapshots from Chicago, late January 2014.

We spent a day in Chicago before flying to Steamboat Springs for our adventure at Vista Verde Ranch. It was incredibly cold (I took a screen grab of the temperature on my phone at one stage,  it was -21°c (-5.8°f) with the windchill making it feel like -31°c (-23.8°f), and my camera kept dying as soon as I took it out of my pocket and switched it on!) but we had an awesome time.

In order to keep warm, we walked a lot and stopped often for pizza and coffee :) We managed to visit Lou Malnati's (my favourite Chicago deep dish pizza), Eataly Chicago, Giordano's Pizza, (just what we needed after a few hours braving the cold although more like a delicious cheesy casserole with crust than the pizza I am used to) and Intelligentsia Coffee (excellent at both locations we visited).

We couldn't decide between the John Hancock Observatory (360° Chicago) or the Skydeck Chicago (Sears Tower) but eventually went with the John Hancock Observatory. Part of it was closed.....obviously building the new Tilt window attraction!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I have Chicago on my list of places I need to visit...

  2. @Shopaholic - ahh thank you as always!

    @Jade - me too (well, I have been but want to go back!). I think it would be so amazing in the spring or summer as well as winter with the amazing Lake Michigan as a playground :)