Tuesday 3 June 2014

Weekend Life....Granada + Sierra Nevada, Spain

Granada + Sierra Nevada, Andalusia, Southern Spain, mid-September 2013.

I skipped LFW last September to attend a good friend's wedding in Andalusia, Spain. We took a couple of days after the wedding to explore Granada and Sierra Nevada. It is the perfect time of year to travel in this part of Spain....the days are still warm and long but the crowds have departed. We ate grilled fish and delicious tapas, drank dry Manzanilla sherry, wandered the grounds of the beautiful Alhambra Palace and took a scenic drive through the Sierra Nevada mountains. And then there was the beautiful homeless dog I was desperate to rescue and bring back to London....but that is another story.


  1. Some beautiful photos, but I'm completely in love with the dog and cat.

  2. Oh these photos! So beautiful lady. Lucy xx

  3. i like your photos. don't know how to come by your blog, by the way, i really appriecaite that. Have a nice day

  4. @Anon - me too! They were completely in love with each other!! Shows dogs and cats can be the best of friends :)))

    @Lucy - hey lovely Lucy!!! Thank you! Hope you are well??? xoxoxo

    @ thank you!

  5. Love Granada and south of Spain. Been there last year. Can't wait to be back again. Gorgeous picutres!!!


  6. Hello! I love the photos and am now dreaming of hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains for a weekend. Where did you stay there? Or where did you have tea? It looks lovely!

    1. Hi Anna, lovely to hear from you! We stayed at La Almunia del Valle which is just south of Granada. The view from the brekky/dinner table on the terrace was really lovely (would be gorgeous with snow on the top of the mountains!).