Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Weekend Life....Thames Path Walk, Pangbourne to Goring-on-Thames

English Countryside Walk: Thames Path, Pangbourne to Goring-on-Thames, July 2015. 

A lovely walk by the Thames in July this year. We caught an early train from Paddington and started the walk in Pangbourne (but you can easily reverse the order or do a circular walk from Pangbourne to Goring and then back to Pangbourne). 

Long time readers (hello!!) might recall a visit to the lovely cafe Pierreponts in Goring-on-Thames a few years ago. We returned and it was just as nice as on our last visit. A delicious slice of homemade cake (rhubarb and custard sponge cake for me) and latte to refuel after a couple of hours of walking.


  1. what a beautiful area! I visited the Cotswolds last year (not sure if this is anywhere near?) and absolutely fell in love. Hoping to visit the English countryside again soon!

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful series telling a great story of the walk. Particularly like the cottages and boats.

  4. I come for your fashion photography, but I always end up enjoying your travel photos the most. I lived in England in 2006 and miss it terribly. These photos make me wanna cry, in a good way.

    1. Oh yes, the travel photographs and shooting models outside of fashion week is what I love to photograph the most :))) I have to admit that I haven't done much travel in the UK - there is so much to see and do (my list is soooo long!). Fingers crossed with both get to see more of England!

  5. @OBFBB - not as nice as your boats though! Those houses were right on the Thames....I wonder if they were flooded in 2014.....

    @Whitney- It is gorgeous Whitney! The willows and the lovely canal boats are so special and feel very unique to the English countryside. It is not near the Cotswolds - but that is a part of the UK I would love to explore too!

    @Emma - thank you!